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Yang Lei attended iqiyi World Congress and saw the lotus again was selected as the film commemoratin

On May 10, the 2019 iqiyi World Congress opened in Beijing. The artist Yang Lei of Erdong Fanxing, wearing a pure white lace sleeve dress, attended the iqiyi World Congress Film Forum. The film "see the lotus again" starred by her has been selected as one of the four films selected by iqiyi and the film channel 'new era realism film venture capital and network cinema alliance' to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.

The iqiyi World Congress will last for two days, and will focus on 12 summit forums on iqiyi strategy sharing opening ceremony, ijoy enjoyment meeting, film, sports, children, online drama, games, science and technology, literature, artist brokerage, animation and other fields to explore topics and strategies. At the iqiyi film forum which just ended at noon on May 10, Yang Lei, as the only representative of the film "see the lotus again", took part in the activity and went on stage to share the main content of the film, and revealed that the film is expected to meet the audience at the end of the year.

"See the lotus again" is a tribute film to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to China. It is produced by CCTV film channel and directed by Yuan Wei. The film tells the story of Professor Gu, a master sculptor, and master Liao, a craftsman of Macao. The two generations stick to and inherit the film, and jointly fulfill an agreement they made 20 years ago, It shows the profound changes and broad prospects of Macao since its return to China 20 years ago.

In the film, Yang Lei plays a Jia, the beautiful boss of the online black tea restaurant. She is good at business, but she has no opinion in the face of her boyfriend. This kind of relationship mode also brings a little crisis to their relationship.

This is also the second film that Yang Lei has cooperated with CCTV film channel. Previously, Yang Lei played a strong woman, Tang Meijuan, in the film series "the story of Newport", which commemorates the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, and was nominated for the best actress award of "goddess cup" Wushan International Film and the best actress award of the 16th film channel film Lily award.

The film "see the lotus again" is being shot in full swing. I look forward to seeing the audience soon!