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Tanagawa's sports style shows youth at the press conference of "we want to win more than anyone"

On the evening of May 9, Shanghai Zhirong Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. 'zeros 2019-2023 5th anniversary Strategy Conference' was held in Shanghai 1933 old square. At the press conference, we announced the plan of "Football + TV series" and prepared to shoot the online drama "we want to win more than anyone else". Erdong Fanxing's artist Tian Chuan, as one of the stars, was invited to attend the press conference.

At the activity site, tanagawa appeared in a casual sportswear with the theme of the new play, showing his youth. In the new play, he plays Chen Fanfan (Feifei), a big voice impulsive, stubborn and loyal Taurus, who plays the center back of the football team. Caring about brotherhood, he can fight with his teammates for Chen Hao (Cao Yang), but he can be obedient to his girlfriend sunny day (Dong Xin), turning steel making into soft fingers.

Tian Chuan, the actor, has played Yang Yiping in the fury of the Golden Buddha, Ding Hao in the puppet game, and Liu Sanyuan in the Fengtian hotel. In the recent hit "seven swords under Tianshan's fengshengu", he plays the male leader Zhang Huazhao. Excellent acting, good performance, attracted a wave of fans.

The online drama "we want to win more than anyone" is adapted from the original novel of the same name. It will be the first industry drama with the theme of Chinese professional football. The 24 episode drama combines professional players, club officials and media people. Since China entered the world cup for the first time in 2001, it has gone through such historical events as anti gambling in 2009, winning the Asian Championship in 2013 and returning to the top 12 Asian Games in the world cup in 2015, The six leading players interpret the six football players with different personalities, and present the real ecosystem of 'football players' to the maximum extent.

It is reported that in order to ensure the wonderful performance of the show, from May 19, all the main actors taking part in the shooting will have a 35 day closed training from diet to work and rest, and a professional coach team of national team level will conduct scientific training and guidance in the whole process, so as to prepare for the official shooting with the life experience of professional players.

We are looking forward to more news of the online drama "we want to win more than anyone" and the wonderful performance of actor tanagawa.