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Zhang Zifeng as the Youth Ambassador of the brand

Recently, the international famous brand L'Oreal Paris officially announced that Zhang Zifeng joined the family of L'Oreal Paris as the Youth Ambassador of the brand.

In the official poster, Zhang Zifeng is dressed in a fresh white shirt, which not only has the bright purity of an oxygen girl, but also has the taste of half cooked after fading the green and astringent.

As a representative of the new force after the 00's, the film and television field has been steadfastly focused and steady. Zhang Zifeng is well known by the public with many works, such as little farewell, Chinatown detective, take my brother away quickly, Hello, China, and so on. His acting skills have also been widely recognized by everyone. This year, in addition to the upcoming films "goodbye, young man" and "secret visitors", Zhang Zifeng will return to the much anticipated "Chinatown detective 3". In addition to film and television, Zhang Zifeng joined the third season of "yearning for life" as a permanent guest, and won the praise and love of the audience.

Since his debut, Zhang Zifeng has always been loved by everyone with a fresh, healthy and youthful image, which is quite in line with L'Oreal's brand image of young innovation and unlimited exploration. At the age of 18, Zhang Zifeng, who is stepping into a new stage of his career, is about to usher in more new opportunities. While exploring a broader field, he will also encounter more potential and surprises.

In the future, brand Youth Ambassador Zhang Zifeng and L'Oreal will witness more 'worthy' moments together.