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Yang Youning's new magazine "good chest" attracts attention

After the end of all very good, Yang Youning, who is active in various brand activities, recently won the cover of a new magazine again, opening its sweeping trend in May and June. In this group of blockbusters, Yang Youning reappears his "good chest" in a black vest, and shows his all-round charm of "high voltage boyfriend" in many sports styles. He can't help but want people to find his power switch. Yang Youning's cool photographic tone and healthy Caramel complexion are as charming as ever, which is tantalizing; Uniform style of clothing collocation, strength deduction 'sports is the fashion standard'. As we all know, Yang Youning, who loves surfing and skiing on weekdays, has always been talked about by the audience for his good figure. At the time of "all very well" broadcast, "Yang Youning's good chest" occupied the top of the hot search list with a high degree of discussion for a long time. In addition, Shi Tiandong's character of releasing warm force at any time is also popular. Many netizens commented that "Yang Youning is tired.".

It's easy for Yang Youning to shoot blockbusters with a 'Sports' attitude. On the occasion of winning the cover of the new issue, an international automobile brand officially announced that it would become a cheering ambassador for the "cross mountain to sea" car relay race, opening the curtain of this in-depth cooperation. At the beginning of May, "beautiful body" makes people scream, and Yang Youning's constant actions are even more exciting.