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Zhang Xiaoyang's "little man" breaks the ice

On the afternoon of April 30, the launch conference of the TV series ice breaking was held in Beijing. Director Fu Dongyu and leading actors Huang Jingyu, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Xiaoyang, Li Mozhi, Ma Yujie, Zhao Xuan, Lu Siyu, Qian Bo attended the press conference.

"Ice breaking action" was jointly shot by the Propaganda Bureau of the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province, the drug control bureau of the Ministry of public security, Beijing happy source film and television media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jingmo film and television media culture Co., Ltd. Directed by Fu Dongyu and Liu Zhangmu, starring Huang Jingyu, Wu Gang, Wang Jinsong, Ren Dahua, Zhang Xiaoyang, Ma Yujie and others participate in the modern suspense criminal investigation drama.

The real event adapts, the real restoration startles the sky big case

"Ice breaking action" is based on the shocking domestic thunder anti drug 12.29 special action, adapted from the real event, after five years of polishing, has not yet been broadcast by the audience's strong expectations. The play tells the story of the anti drug police represented by Li Fei (Huang Jingyu), who are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, fight to death against the criminal network with drug dealers as the core, break through many mysteries, and finally destroy the first village of drug production.

Zhang Xiaoyang's villain role challenges

Zhang Xiaoyang plays a villain in the play, fighting with Li Fei, the anti drug police played by Huang Jingyu, to increase the difficulty of solving the case. Zhang Xiaoyang has starred in "fragrant honey sinks like frost" starred by Yang Zi and Deng Lun, and played in the play. He has also starred in "dreamer", "Wudaokou", "hurricane bus", "Kublai Khan" and other film and television dramas, all of which have brilliant performances.

At the press conference, Zhang Xiaoyang mentioned that the director once asked him if it was hard for him to make such a play that highly reflects the real events. He replied: 'hard, but happy.' At present, Zhang Xiaoyang plays an Eighth Route Army in CCTV's eight popular TV series "secret investigation", which has changed dramatically with the role of the villain in "ice breaking operation". I believe that only the actors with profound skills can freely change between good and evil《 "Ice breaking" will also be followed by "secret investigation" to present this anti drug drama which is both evil and positive.

It is understood that 43 episodes of the TV series "ice breaking operation" will start broadcasting on May 7, and will be on CCTV's eight golden files from May 10. Looking forward to the subversive performance of Zhang Xiaoyang's villain in the play.