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New product launch of children's clothing brand supported by Singapore Dianyin little prince EC Yipi

On April 22, in Haining, Zhejiang Province, the leather capital of China, a new product launch of a children's clothing brand in winter 2019 + new year 2020, which gathered nearly 2000 people across the country, was on stage. The theme of this conference was named "Prince's return, power of the king". Mr. Deng Qingyun, chairman of the board of directors of frog prince, said that the watershed of children's clothing industry has been formed, either to keep up with the new era or to be eliminated. Just as this invitation to the new generation of singers to help, it shows that talent is a form of art and adheres to artistic thinking, Only by bringing design aesthetics into children's art life can we create a fashionable lifestyle with high temperature and high quality for children. The younger generation is the carrier of the times, and children's clothing brands should continue to approach the new generation.

At the press conference, little prince EC Yiping, as a special guest, parachuted and sang his representative works recent hugs and star chasing. This Portuguese Chinese gifted teenager from Singapore has been interviewed by Asia News and praised as an international singer. He has been invited to CCTV children's Spring Festival Gala, Liaoning satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, Anhui Satellite TV youth Spring Festival Gala and other large-scale parties. As the main song of EC Yiping's new album, the song "recent embrace" is composed by Zeng Yan, the winner of Golden Horse Award for best original film song, and serves as the producer. It is a lyric song full of love and gratitude, which can arouse everyone's childlike innocence. In the song, EC Yiping uses bilingual interpretation, switching freely between Chinese and English. Both languages sing his greetings and thanks to the world, calling for a simpler and more thorough purity and relief in the adult world.

Unlike recent hugs, which leads us to explore the pure world, another song "chasing the stars" lights up our hope of pursuing our dreams. The song starts with Wu ~ self humming, singing the joy of EC's adventure. The second half of the song is advanced with high octave melody, as if there are many difficulties and obstacles in front of us, but with firm belief, we can overcome the obstacles, Finally found the perfect world. The whole song steps on the cheerful melody, combines with the current popular electronic dance music, mixes the gorgeous retro electronic rhythm of the 1980s-1990s, and depicts a scene of a group of children pursuing the Polaris and their dreams. After the performance of the two songs, EC Yiping's attitude and personality of singing, youthful stage image, won the warm applause of 2000 audience.

After the press conference, this young man full of positive energy is on a new musical journey. EC Yiping's new song will be released in May. Please look forward to it!