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Xu Dongdong's "evolution of best boyfriend" humble courtship abandoned netizen: film version of Lin

Recently, the popular Hong Kong comedy "evolution of best boyfriend" is starred by Zheng Kai and Xu Dongdong, especially Zhang Yuqi. It mainly tells the story of urban youth fan fan (Zheng Kai) who, by chance, opened a "training class for male gods" to teach love experience;

In the film, Wan'er, played by Xu Dongdong, is mediocre in appearance and shocking in appearance. She is fan fan fan's limited girlfriend and little follower. She works with her boyfriend in all ways, but she is still rejected by her boyfriend. In the later stage, her great transformation starts the 'high burning mode', which arouses many netizens' hot comments: the more she looks, the more she looks like Lin pinru's story;

In evolution of the best boyfriend, Xu Dongdong plays Wan'er, who is weak and considerate towards her boyfriend. It is indeed a little similar to Lin pinru in the early stage of temptation to go home, who is also "exchanging sincerity for sincerity". However, from the aspect of appearance, Xu Dongdong is more "fighting" in the film, with freckles, steel teeth and even plain face;

The audience is often amused by her hot eyes and expression. However, who would have thought that what the ugly duckling turns white and the Swan lacks is just a love wound! How can it be so easy to be a butterfly for love? Not everyone is Lin pinru!

One of the highlights of the movie is: Xu Dongdong finds her boyfriend fan fan's brothers and sisters to celebrate his birthday, but just finds her boyfriend embracing a beautiful woman. She holds a cake in her hand and her eyes are red. She can't say a complete word in a moment. In this scene of explosive acting, the audience has already wept with her;

No pain, no growth. In the later stage of the film, Xu Dongdong, with the joint efforts of her best friends, gradually transforms into a beautiful and fresh beauty from hairstyle to dressing, from learning to make-up to exercising her figure. She meets her predecessor again on the beach, and she is relieved and forgives each other;

It takes three months for a person to walk out of the shadow and love again. It seems that the magical power of "becoming beautiful" is a magic existence for women! The story of being teased is like Lin pinru. However, in fact, the best boyfriend evolution is not a story of revenge, and it has nothing to do with family and marriage. It just shows the love of contemporary young people;

"Distinguish lovers" and "pursue love bravely" are their deep meanings. Just like Xu Dongdong's personal experience of "counter attack" in the film, her boyfriend struggles for her career, and she spends her time and energy to support her. After being abandoned, she learns from the past and changes herself. This is actually a history of women's love growth;

Some netizens think that the focus of "best boyfriend evolution theory" is not 'evolution of boyfriends' at all, but' transformation of girlfriends'. If Xu Dongdong doesn't have the reserve force of girlfriends and the awakening of self-consciousness in love, how can he get true love? Generally speaking, Wan'er should be a "growing version of Lin pinru". She finds herself in the pain and finds out how to start the right way of love;

Let's go to the cinema to watch "evolution of best boyfriend" and follow Xu Dongdong to learn "great transformation of love"!