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Xu Dong and Dong Zhen's love circle: the sufferings we have suffered before will never be suffered a

Recently, the annual Hong Kong romantic comedy film "evolution of best boyfriend" starred by Xu Dongdong is being shown all over the country. It is also a comedy film that Xu Dongdong plays again after "the richest man in Xihong city". It seems that Xu Dongdong has opened up a new way of interpretation from the sister-in-law in "Yu sin" to Meigui Lengyan in "chasing the dragon";

With a unique style of comedy, she surprised the public once again. He said that he still has a dream, that is, to be a comedian. She gradually found that she was' very gifted 'in comedy. Her participation in Xihong's richest man made her a great improvement in comedy, and her sexuality finally became a kind of joy in the film;

After "the richest man in Xihong city", she appeared in the form of comedy in the online drama "the insurance investigation of the patron saint" and the popular film "the evolution of best boyfriend". In the film "the evolution of best boyfriend", which started shooting in 2016, Xu Dongdong plays Wan'er, a girl wearing braces and glasses, who is ordinary and even ugly;

This role really fits her. She is ordinary and ordinary. She pays silently all the way, and finally transforms from an 'ugly girl' to a 'Goddess'. In her real life outside the film, she also becomes the unique' Xu Dongdong 'from one of thousands of group actors;

It turns out that 'comedy' is really suitable for her, which is also related to her real temperament in life. In private, she is a girl who is careless, never forgetting her original intention, and honest. With such a rare real love circle, she treats people around her and her fans with great affection. In fact, this is related to her early experience;

When she was about to graduate from University, she once felt that she couldn't be an actress, so she turned to be an agent assistant. Later, she began to do group acting, serving tea and water, and acting as a porter for the cast. Like duckweed, she was wandering back and forth between the trial and running cast, without direction or improvement;

There is a story she has told many times: once, when she went to the audition, the director asked the deputy director to drive them away. The specific scene was blurred in her memory, but the feeling of 'we are inferior to them' and 'disrespect people' was clearly engraved in her mind; She turned and tried to run down, but she fell down the stairs and said, "she's blue." She put it lightly, saying: 'these are really good experiences';

But since then, she no longer wanted to lick her face and constantly recommend herself to others. She had suffered a lot, suffered a lot, and was obsessed with the situation in her human nature. How deeply she learned, she said excitedly later: the sadness I had suffered before will never let people around me suffer again;

As an actress, she respects her predecessors, takes care of her descendants, and takes good care of the people around her. She treats the crew with kindness, politeness, and good maintenance. As a child, she shoulders the economic responsibility of her family, filial piety to her parents, and takes care of her family. She protects the whole world with her own efforts, and only wishes that the suffering she has suffered is far away from the people around her;

In addition to the people around her, Xu Dongdong is also very fond of her fans. She not only often interacts with them on Weibo and shares her thoughts with them, but also interacts with them 30 or 40 times a day on average. Moreover, when she interacts with her fans, she is not perfunctory. She often reads the content sent by her fans carefully and makes a detailed reply below, If a fan leaves a message saying that he especially wants to be overturned, Xu Dongdong often directly satisfies his fans' wishes. Therefore, many fans sigh, "the goddess of Dongdong is so beautiful and kind.";