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Xu Dong has worked hard for many years and is not popular. Now he is in the second tier to welcome t

I believe that many audiences like "best boyfriend evolution" and "the richest man in Xihong city", which are both popular in recent years. They also remember the young girl Wan'er and "Lengmeng silly elder sister" Sha Sha in the film. They are also deeply moved by Xu Dongdong's acting skills. With these two films, she has won the public's keen attention. At a young age, she has become the "box office elixir", But how many people have known about this post-90s girl's experience;

When it comes to the name of Xu Dongdong, many people will first think of the word "sexy". Indeed, this is the most impressive word she has left to the public. Her natural advantages are her good figure and refined appearance. However, with the rapid rise of her popularity, it is followed by unknown doubts and speculation from the outside world. Keyman mercilessly fabricates rumors that she is "praised" and "hidden rules.", People who don't know the truth may begin to guess, but the hard work Xu Dongdong has experienced all the way is an indisputable fact;

Some hardships must be eaten, even if they are not eaten when they are young. This is a sentence in Xu Dongdong's heart. If you want to be a good actor, you must let yourself give up the possibility of looking back. The more you can't see the future, the success may not be far away;

Xu Dongdong, who has just joined the industry, has the belief of "never bumping into the south wall and never looking back" by constantly trying and running in the production group. But she is still a little transparent. Until one day, she met a senior person and suggested that she try to take the "sexy route", so she was like meeting a thousand Li Ma of bole, and the door of the new world was opened;

During the period of crazy fitness and weight loss, Xu Dongdong has more perseverance than anyone else. She tried her best to get rid of the status quo. After she succeeded in weight loss, she received jobs one after another. From then on, a small figure appeared in the public vision. Even such a hard-working and inspirational girl would be wiped out. Is it up to others to make rumors?

Xu Dongdong was first recognized by the whole network because of the online play "Yu sin". With her superb acting skills, she created the role of "sister-in-law" Shen Jiawen vividly and vividly. This phenomenal online play not only brought Xu Dongdong popularity, but also gave her a chance to be familiar with the public;

However, her contract signing company did not give her the most powerful resources at the best stage of her development, which made her have no good TV series after her remaining crimes. It can be seen from this that Xu Dongdong actually has no so-called hidden rules, no backstage, let alone being praised. Her achievements have always been accumulated by herself, It has nothing to do with the negative false news uploaded on the Internet;

Success is to strive for by herself, not to look at the pie falling from the sky. What's more, Xu Dongdong is not afraid of failure. After so many years of obscurity, she finally has a bright future. If the reason for her starring in "Yu sin" is opportunity, then "the richest man in Xihong city" is the spoils she strives for. Before the film is officially confirmed, she went through several rounds of interviews, During this period, she persisted with the idea of 'believing that she has no limit'. Unexpectedly, she did!

"Xihong city's richest man" has made a total of 2.548 billion at the box office, and the "box office elixir" is well deserved. For Xu Dongdong, this achievement is undoubtedly to keep the clouds open and see the moon bright. Once upon a time, she was a little dragon with a full crew. Now she has entered the second tier, living up to expectations and ushering in the spring of her career.