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Gao Weiman's "the most beautiful" female nurse's "happy family" caused a frenzy of praise (picture a

The 2018 hit drama "happy family" outlines a family sitcom full of smoke and fire with warm brushwork. Supervised by Lai congbi, a famous TV personality in Taiwan, and starring Li Liqun, Dong Jie and Qiu Ze, the film focuses on the life of the three brothers and sisters of the Fang family, and tells about their choices in the face of family affection and love, workplace and marriage.

Gao Weiman plays the proud and kind-hearted beauty nurse 'Xin Xiaoying'. She looks very gentle and has won numerous praise. Her rival play with the male master Fang Tianyi (Qiu Ze) has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Because her father Fang Yongfu (Li Liqun) suffers from cancer, Fang Tianyi blames herself for anxiety; Xin Xiaoying (Gao Weiman) as the man's intimate assistant, knows his pain, in order to enlighten him to drink together, send him home by Fang Tianyi lover Bai Xue (he meixuan) misunderstanding, the chemical reaction between the three is very strong, upright and proud Xin Xiaoying directly back to Bai Xue, let netizens call it cool!

Gao Weiman graduated from Shanghai Institute of visual arts. She is good at dancing, hosting and martial arts. She is a versatile Chongqing girl in 1995. She has participated in many online dramas and movies, and has shown her superb acting skills in Jueming gambler and Tangmen's Dragon coffin and Phoenix gall. When it comes to the opportunity to enter the industry, she said that she was very interested in acting since she was a child, so she devoted herself to the film and television industry during her junior year, starring in a number of big online movies. In 2018, she was loved by the audience for her role in "happy family".

Gao Weiman is fresh and smart in appearance, a ghost horse in character, high in understanding, and willing to grind his acting skills. He has created a number of clear-cut characters in his previous works, which are both good and evil; In this process, she continues to absorb, accumulate and make progress. I believe her future will be limitless. I hope she will bring us more and better works.