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"Next generation: predecessor" theme song MV He Jie chokes and sings, tears

"Deleting your SMS, deleting your name, and deleting all the memories about you are always inseparable and inescapable. Wandering around, you need an antidote." Recently, the theme song "ex" of the movie "next generation: ex" was launched simultaneously on QQ music, kugou and KuWo music platforms. He Jie, a powerful singer, lost her heart and opened her voice. Her weeping voice and tearful lyrics told her "ex" what was on her mind, and many fans left a message saying "tears of the whole process.". Today, the film officially released the theme song "predecessor" MV, Guo Caijie's heartrending crying drama and more sweet moments with Zheng Kai and Li Dongxue. The story of Gao Tian's heartrending is full of highlights. It's worth mentioning that the surprise appearance of Li Ronghao, the special star, caused the suspense between the four.

Singer he Jie contributes to the first show of OST in 2019

Directed by Chen Hongyi and Qiu kuozhou, the love movie "the next generation: the former" will soon be launched in all major courtyards across the country on May 1. The total number of "want to see" on professional ticket purchasing platforms such as cat's eye and taopiao is growing rapidly at the rate of more than 8000 per day. At present, the number of "want to see" has exceeded 500000. As the only love movie in this May 1 show, the degree of attention can be seen.

'I'm your previous one. God knows why I've been hurt so much. I'm not your dream lover any more, and I'm not a good man who pretends to understand& hellip;' Today, the theme song "ex" is officially launched. He Jie's exquisite voice, heart piercing lyrics and plot picture are integrated into the "love song", which explains the whole process of the protagonist's breakup, entanglement and gradual release from the ear to the heart. It makes people remember a certain love road involuntarily.

Since her debut 14 years ago, he Jie has interpreted many classic love songs, such as "you must be happy", "go through", "can't help yourself", etc. as her first OST show in 2019, this song "ex" not only tallies with her musical style, but also tells us the regrets and unwilling, sad and brave, mature and firm that people have experienced in love, Touching a strong resonance in the heart, many netizens said that "there is a pricking feeling that the tissue is in a hurry.".

How long does it take to forget your ex? Guo Caijie's crying drama first exposed

Under the delicate interpretation of He Jie, this 5-minute MV can be called a super long version of the trailer. It can be seen from it that Lin Xintian (Guo Caijie) is not a fairy tale in her love journey. When she was reading, she saw her secret love object Huang Kequn (Li Dongxue) was first confessed by other girls, met again many years later, and saw Huang Kequn proposed to Bai Fumei in public, The surprised and lonely eyes are full of the five flavors that pass by again and again. However, with the launch of "perfect lover" Wuchuan (Zheng Kai), the style of painting gradually turns sweet. In addition to taking self portraits while cooking together, "sloth hugs" and "touch face to kill" are staged one after another. Daily sweet favorites such as giving surprise and accompanying overtime are even more appealing! However, just like the words in the lyrics, "maybe one day, I met by chance, just a few years later today", at the cocktail party, Lin Xintian, Wuchuan and Huang Kequn met unexpectedly, and each of them had his own heart in mind. People can't help but sigh that fate makes people feel terrible - missing predecessors, memories that can't escape, this is probably everyone's love pain point.

So, will the love between Lin Xintian and Wuchuan blossom and bear fruit《 For the first time, the MV of predecessor exposes Lin Xintian's scene of tears breaking down on the street after slapping Wuchuan. The scene of heart abuse pokes into the netizen's lacrimal gland -- "it's like me after I broke up with my predecessor at the beginning '," I heard that sentence & lsquo; I was your predecessor & quot; Instant tears & hellip& hellip;' It's said that it's not easy to get rid of the single and love is hard to find. Who is Lin Xintian's right man? Why did she slap Wuchuan? Did she kiss Li Dongxue under the umbrella? In addition, as a special part of the film, Li Ronghao's part was also exposed for the first time in the MV, which makes people wonder: will there be any emotional intersection between him and Lin Xintian?

"Look at each other and smile, long time no see, let go of all the regrets of love." the MV finally ends with a warm smile, which may indicate that the film will have a happy ending. It turns out that the wounds and tears that have been suffered in love are actually the hidden lines of happiness《 The next term: former is produced by Wuxi Guiying Jinhua culture media Co., Ltd. and Zhongqing Xinying culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and released nationwide on May 1.