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Jiang dunhao's new album plays "script killing" mode, and takes the first responsibility of producer

Since last year, he released his first album "Youth & middot; After "heart", Jiang's control of his music has been improved more comprehensively. Recently, I've been closing down in the studio every day to compete with myself. As for the preparation of the new album, Jiang dunhao, who is the first producer of the new album, also said: "everything is groping. I hope to meet you as soon as possible."

Teenagers no longer 'Teenagers' Jiang dunhao defines self challenge limit

As for the second album in preparation, Chiang insisted on being himself completely. Compared with the three music styles of the first album and the three producers' cooperation, this new album was made by himself from preparation to production. "It's another kind of training for myself. Of course, it's also a greater responsibility to have more voice in music. It's a new challenge not only to control the style of the whole album, but also to show my professional aesthetic completely," he said

This time, Chiang worked with his old partner, Jerry, as a composer and co producer. The two people who are striving for perfection in music will inevitably have a collision in their handling of song details. Well, it's a second time of cooperation. Naturally, it's full of tacit understanding. Chiang said with a smile: "if you can't get along with each other, just have a cold war. But our goal is the same, and we all take good music as the first principle, so whenever we have different interpretations of a thing, we will stop working and sit outside the studio for a long time to communicate. "

New album, new play, Jiang dunhao brings the audience into the music itself

At the same time, Jiang also boasts that this is an 'unprecedented' album: 'there will be a lot of hidden eggs! I'll have a lot of interaction with you in the song. I hope you can look for it carefully. " The new album is planned to be released before the end of this year. At the end of this month, Jiang will also attend the 23rd global Chinese list and Asia influence ceremony, and will bring a new adaptation of the wonderful performance. We will wait and see.