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Xu jie'er takes "Li Liang women's running team" to finish the race

The 2019 Beijing International Long Distance Running Festival and Beijing half marathon was held on April 14. The predecessor of Beijing International Long Distance Running Festival can be traced back to Beijing Spring round the city running in 1956. In 2016, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the race was upgraded from the original 10km race to a half marathon. This year's competition route basically follows the classic route of Beijing banma, starting from Tiananmen Square and ending at the Celebration Square in the central area of landscape Avenue of Olympic Park.

In this year's Beijing half horse race track, there is a very special star women's running team. " Li Liang women's running group is initiated by actor Xu jie'er and co founded with Jili, Gao Xiaofei, Qi Xi'er and ran Qian. It aims to convey her strength through her own practice of sports and healthy life, so that more women can bravely realize and challenge themselves and realize their energy and value. This is the first time that the "Li Liang women's running team" has finished the Beijing half marathon. Its members have long legs and are very eye-catching.

When it comes to the "Li Liang women's running group", the competition is full of twists and turns. The members of the running group are all female artists, and they are filming in the cast. Team leader Xu Jieer just finished the 12 km snow mountain cross-country marathon held by Sohu News on the 10th of this month. In the past few days, she has not slackened her training and completed the shooting of new plays, full of positive energy. As Xu jie'er said, this is her fourth year of running. After she started running, many people said that running together is very happy. Now she has a sense of mission. So in 2019, we set up the "Li Liang women's running group", hoping that more friends who love running will join us. Actors Jili and ran Qian rushed back to Beijing from Shanghai and Shenzhen to participate in the competition. Ran Qian caught up with her physiological period and thought about quitting the competition if she couldn't stick to it. When standing in Tiananmen Square and hearing the national anthem, she was very excited and high. For this sense of ceremony, ran Qian overcame her physical discomfort and finally insisted on finishing the match. Jili's heart rate and pace were measured all the way, and it took 2:33:15 to finish the race easily, which was obviously improved compared with the last marathon. As a new member of the running team, chandidi participated in the race for the first time and finished it. He was very excited and excited. Although Gao Xiaofei and Qi Xi'er failed to win the lottery this time, they also cheered the team members from a distance. They also echoed the team members by running 21k the night before the competition, showing more team spirit and love for running.

For the Beijing half horse, the "Li Liang women's running team" started a six week training. In this competition, the members can finish the race safely with even speed and even pace, which is inseparable from the regular daily training to ensure the safe and happy running. After the competition, the team members shared that: today, they run from Tiananmen Square to the Olympic sports center with their own step by step to appreciate the atmosphere and beauty of Beijing, and love Beijing even more after the race. Xu jie'er hopes that every day there will be such a blue sky, sunny weather, steadfast and not impetuous. Steadily with their own pace, live in the capital of the wonderful. Also expect more women to face up to their own strength, do not set limits, with a brave spirit of challenge, live a bright self.

Gentle and powerful 'she Li Liang' makes members full of charm and sense of honor. She Li Liang is infinite, persistence is beauty! The 2019 Beijing half marathon is the starting point of the "Li Liang women's running group". We are looking forward to their next journey