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Is Wu Lei really a soul painter? Is self portrait really the same as himself

Wu Lei everyone is very familiar with, not only looks good-looking, at the same time lovely character is also very powder.

Recently, Wu Lei attended an offline activity, which created a New York themed immersive experience exhibition. Through the English alphabet, 24 rooms were built into a diversified new york life, such as the iconic yellow taxi, subway station, laundry room, graffiti wall and so on. Wearing a black knitted jacket, Wu Lei swims around the streets of New York City in the light of the camera. He is in a fashionable neighborhood and experiences the wonderful experience of a foreign country with you.

During the activity, Wu Lei was so cute. Fans on stage interaction, Wu Lei wants to shake hands, after being ignored, embarrassed to withdraw his hand, carefully help fans choose foundation liquid color number, the most favorite powder is no doubt. On weekdays, as like as two peas, Wu Lei always makes a real surprise. He draws himself a real leather watch or adds an eyebrow to his signature photo. This scene is self portrait, and it is also like himself. Pipi is a little skin! Fans also joked 'you're too hard on yourself, aren't you The interaction between such idols and fans is so loving.