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NCT 127 stars in ABC's "Good Morning America" (picture and text)

Before NCT 127's North America tour, he played in the representative programs of ABC TV station "Good Morning America" and "Strahan and Sara".

Good Morning America, the leading news program of ABC TV station in the United States, announced the performance of NCT 127 through SNS account on April 11, which aroused attention.

NCT 127 will perform the live show "Good Morning America" in the studio of times square in New York on April 18, expecting the attention of audiences in all regions of the United States.

"Good Morning America" is a morning show on behalf of ABC channel in the United States, which is broadcast live from Monday to Friday at 7 a.m. (US Eastern time). World class stars have appeared one after another. At the same time, "Good Morning America" is the first morning news program in the United States. It has won the Emmy Award for excellent TV programs in the United States. It is one of the most influential local festivals, Once again, I feel the high popularity of NCT 127, which has received local attention.

NCT 127 will also play in the well-known talk show "Strahan and Sara" on ABC channel on the same day, which is the first time for the Korean men's team to perform. It will show its colorful charm through conversation and stage, and push the expectation of North America tour to the highest level.

NCT 127 has toured 11 cities in the United States and Canada, including Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, etc., for 12 performances since its New Jersey National Center premiere on April 24. The Los Angeles Premiere has also opened a limited field of vision seat, and the North American tour has received a warm response, We expect NCT 127 to be active in the world.