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Who do you think is more handsome

Today, let's take a look at Cai Xukun, who is more handsome?

Cai Xukun and Yixiang Qianxi are both the top traffic now. They are equally popular, and they are about the same age. Cai Xukun is 20 years old, and Yixiang Qianxi is 18 years old. However, Cai Xukun often wears heavy make-up when he comes to the stage, and it can't be seen that he is so young. These two people are also very smart. We'll see who is more handsome? Who is more handsome when Cai Xukun frequently bumps his shirt? Netizen evaluation: light makeup and heavy wipe are not appropriate.

This dress is a casual suit. It's simple as a whole. The highlight is the red texture on the hem and sleeves. It looks well cut. Yi Guan Qian Xi has the temperament of a big man in his clothes, and his small body looks very charming. Cai Xu Kun is handsome, with delicate face. They look good in whatever way they wear. The two wear different tastes, so they are very handsome.

This suit is more mature. The old color suits are usually worn in a big way. The color is too plain to suit the two younger children. However, Yi Guan Qian Xi's temperament is really perfect. Cai Xukun's collocation is better than Qian Xi's. The clothes inside are much more energetic, but it's just because of heavy makeup, It's really feminine for a man to wear such make-up. Netizens also commented: "light make-up is not suitable for heavy make-up." So it's still easy to close with light makeup. Qianxi is more handsome.

This Plaid suit jacket is used by Cai Xukun to hold concerts, while Yixiang Qianxi is shooting magazines. Qianxi has a handsome haircut, but the more she looks at it, the more it looks like a child has stolen an adult's dress, which is much bigger. But Cai Xukun has no such trouble. Generally speaking, he doesn't look at his face, but only looks at who suits his clothes, that is, Cai Xukun is more handsome.

Who do you think looks better? Who's more handsome when Cai Xukun repeatedly bumps his shirt? Netizen evaluation: light makeup and heavy wipe are not appropriate.