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Liang Junnuo's journey to Iceland reveals the music story of "after good night"

With the snow and the wind, what is Iceland like in your imagination. Liang Junnuo, who recently traveled to Iceland, tells the story of this aimless and free journey with his newly released single after good night. After experiencing the magnificent scenery after the snowstorm, perhaps it is just after good night, those lonely pain gradually disappeared after the beautiful. Let grief freeze, let tears ice, bury all your struggle and unbearable.

The unexpected encounter with deer

In the story, deer is a mysterious, sensitive and restless animal, they live deep in the jungle. For Liang Junnuo, perhaps the most special part of his trip to Iceland is his encounter with deer. It's like the loneliness and melancholy that spread quietly from the corner after nightfall. The deer that suddenly appeared on the boundless highway also made Liang Junnuo cautious. The deer running alone, the car trying to stop, the different ending in the story. Liang Junnuo said: 'I thought about the situation after the collision, but in the end it seemed to be afraid and chose to leave.'

The music story of "after good night" actually takes place in everyone, in every seemingly ignored but always clean and tidy corner. It's the glimmer of the lighthouse on the top of the mountain. It's the names that are repeatedly covered in the wreckage of the plane on the plain.

In fact, after good night has a lot to do with Iceland. When I heard the demo, I had waves, snow mountains and aurora in my mind. And this year's travel plan is Iceland, so I decided to stay there and leave a story. " Asked why he filmed music stories in Iceland, Liang Junnuo said so.

Every encounter is a long planned arrangement, and behind every good night is the abyss of doom or the long wait for the dawn. In Liang Junnuo's music story, we seek the answer together.