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Best boyfriend evolution reveals ultimate Poster

The poster of the wildest comedy of the year "evolution of best boyfriend" has been exposed. On the poster, the hand-painted characters starring Zheng Kai, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong are playful and cute, with their own characteristics. The three of them are holding Cupid's arrow in a lively and beautiful posture, ready to "launch Xiaoxin" to the audience. The film will be released nationwide on April 12. Are you ready?

In the poster, Zheng kaijunlang is handsome and charming with a ruffian smile. He is dressed in a pink suit and a small bow. He looks like a "romantic prodigal". On his left and right sides are two generations of sexy goddesses, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong. Although the three people in the same frame are beautiful and harmonious, they also contain a lot of information; Xu Dongdong has elegant long hair and wears a goose yellow suspender skirt. His hands are on Zheng Kai's left shoulder, but Zheng Kai's right hand is toward Zhang Yuqi. There is only a long bow in his hand and the arrow with red love is held by Zhang Yuqi. This detail inevitably makes people guess: is this the rhythm of love triangle?

"The evolution of best boyfriends", which is known as "extreme joy" and "heart wandering and kidney walking", has a sense of "Nurturing" in its title. The so-called "best boyfriends" are not straight men with advanced cancer who only use "drink more hot water" and "go to bed early" to treat their targets;

Fan fan, played by cheetah Zheng Kai in the film, is the representative of the "model boyfriend". As a girl teaser, we will go to the cinema to find out whether he will turn into a little suckling dog or a big wolf dog in love! Zhang Yuqi's role in the best boyfriend evolution theory, many people think that she is acting in her true colors;

The public in the mermaid, demon cat and other works of her charm high cold, womanly pop table image is extremely deep, this time she played the quiet continuation of the past personality, many netizens look forward to see her 'hand tearing slag man' and 'domineering grooming boyfriend', so the question is, "best boyfriend evolution theory" will really meet the appetite of the Internet to eat melon crowd?

Xu Dongdong has performed well in many comedies before, especially in Xihong city's richest man. She is known as Asia's sexiest comedian because of the role of "Lengmeng silly elder sister" Sasha. Now she will bring more surprises to the audience;

In the film, Wan'er, played by Xu Dongdong, was originally an ugly woman worthy of the name, but in the later stage, she will break out in all aspects and become a goddess unattainable to straight men. They all say that love is a growth promoting agent for girls. It seems that Xu Dongdong's complete change in the film is absolutely inseparable from love. Is Zheng Kai her love enlightenment teacher?

Near the release of the movie, the best boyfriend evolution has released a new promotion song and exposed the ultimate poster. Zheng Kai, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong, a new lineup, are full of attractions. No matter you are humble in your feelings or galloping in love, you can't see your heart clearly. As long as you walk into the cinema, the movie on April 12 will rekindle your hope for you!