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"The more you live, the more you come" CCTV's hit Liu Liu, LV Jiarong, Zhu shimaoxiu's acting skills

Recently, the urban comedy "the more alive, the more energetic" has been broadcast on CCTV. It is directed and performed by Liu Liu and starred by Yan Xuejing, xiurui, Zhu Shimao, Yu Yang and LV Jiarong. It tells the real story of the hard work and struggle for life of the low-level people in modern cities. Among them, the powerful mainland actors LV Jiarong, Yu Yang and Lu Jiarong Zhu Shimao's participation in the play provides a real and delicate performance. The main actors show their acting skills and strength in the play, bringing the audience a kind of enjoyable and resonant experience of watching the play.

Woman boss Zhou Huan has two faces

As an urban light comedy, "the more you live, the more energetic you are." most of the actors in "the more you live, the more energetic you are." the artists who are born with humor are usually not too popular with the audience. For example, Ji Defa, who is played by Liu Liu, looks very friendly, and fully interprets the fighting spirit of the energetic laid-off workers; Lu Jiarong plays Zhou Huan, the beautiful boss of the hotel. She has short hair, and is cool and capable. When she comes on stage, she has her own aura. In the process of getting along with her employees, she shows the kindness of a big sister next door. She has the unique temperament of being able to control a strong woman.

In addition, Zhu Shimao, an old artist, plays Zhou Huan's father. This time, he and LV Jiarong have a very high tacit understanding in their acting skills. In the play, they play a pair of funny father and daughter who are keen on fighting each other. On the surface, Zhou Huan is a kind-hearted, gentle and considerate boss, full of positive energy, When the hotel was in crisis, she called on everyone to start a new business. However, when she got home, she immediately turned into a "little artist" beside her father. LV Jiarong used her relaxed acting skills to deduce Zhou Huan's calm and playful dual character, creating a contrast cute girl with "two sizes of holes", so that the audience could enjoy endless fun when chasing the drama, Someone left a message saying: I really want to work with her boss!

LV Jiarong tries comedy for the first time to show strong talent

The hit of "the more you live, the more energetic" has brought a sense of humor and rhythm to the boring life of many audiences. This kind of urban comedy, which is close to reality and reflects the real life of the common people, is undoubtedly a "life tonic" for the public. Therefore, good actors like LV Jiarong, who are down-to-earth and create works by strength, are quickly praised by the audience, Not only has Zhou Huan gained the title of "the most down-to-earth female boss" by virtue of her role, but her other films and TV works have also received continuous attention, such as "a beautiful marriage", "life as if we met at the beginning", "execution sword" and other TV dramas, all of which are of interest to the audience.

If you don't work hard, you'll never know how good you are. Lu Jiarong's participation in "the more you live, the more energetic you are" is a bold attempt to comedy. Before that, she almost always appeared in the audience's eyes as the national goddess and Gao Leng's elder sister. Like this, she cooperated with a group of experienced comedians and predecessors, LV Jiarong also finds her self-confidence in the new stage. At the same time, her talent of comedy performance is gradually seen by the audience. Zhou Huan in the play is a boss who cares for employees and a lovely and playful daughter at home. Just as we always play different roles in interpersonal communication, maybe this is the true meaning of life.