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The TV play my Poseidon begins to broadcast

Recently, the urban light fantasy TV series my Poseidon, which is co produced by mango TV, Yingli media and Zinian film and television culture studio and directed by famous director Qiu kuozhou and adapted from Miao Juan's novel of the same name, has been officially launched. The modern fairy tale drama is re created by the original crew of dear translator, starring Zhang Yunlong and Li Kaixin, and starring Zhang Junning, long Zhengxuan, Liu Junxiao, Qiao Xuan, Sui Yumeng, Qiu Zhenhan and Du Shuangyu.

The TV series my Poseidon tells the story of a group of young people who take marine geology as their own duty and choose to protect the vast ocean together after their career and love. With the theme of 'Ocean Love', Gao Tian's dream love keeps pace with the great dream guard, showing a new attitude of youth. Actor Du Shuangyu plays Dong Zilong, a geek engineer who looks serious but has lovely contrast. Mo Liang (Zhang Junning)'s speech at the new energy conference in Athens was destroyed when he first appeared on the stage. In the following plot, every time he appeared, he ended up running away, making the audience curious about his true identity. Du Shuangyu's humorous performance has injected the soul into Dong Zilong's role. Although there are not many parts in the play, every appearance can bring happiness to the audience.

Previously, in Xu Jinglei's urban sci-fi network drama "classmate 200 million years old", Du Shuangyu played the role of the alien aiergo, which is serious and lovely, full of contrast and cute. Although the image deviates from the characters in the original work, Du Shuangyu has given the role a new vitality with his unique 'emotional package style acting skills', which has been affirmed by many fans of the original work. I believe that in the same adapted from the novel of the TV series "my Poseidon", Du Shuangyu can also use his own strength to conquer the audience.

The TV series "my Poseidon" is broadcast on Mango TV from Thursday to Saturday at 8 p.m. In addition, directed by Han Yang, director of "before the summer solstice" and performed by Du Shuangyu, the youth campus growth drama "Hello, the other party debating friends" will soon be launched on Mango TV. The TV series ping pong, starred by Bai Jingting, Xu Weizhou and Du Shuangyu, is also under intense shooting.