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Li Jiaqi's "wait a minute, my youth" continues to heat up

Recently, directed by Shen Qinyuan, starring Li Jiaqi (as Su cancan), Zhao Yiqin, Li geyang, Xu Mengyuan and Dong yanlei, and jointly produced by Youku, Ciwen media and Xinghan media, the youth campus drama "wait a minute, my youth" has been popular in Youku and has been discussed constantly. Recently, the plot tells the story of Su cancan's youth dream seeking experience when she first entered university.

In last week's plot, it was said that five people from Su cancan radio station were admitted to Beijing University together. With the addition of new friends, their story has entered a new stage. Su cancan's secret love for Lin Jiaze has also changed unconsciously. Cancan and LAN Tianye founded the band, step by step on the road of pursuing dreams, and gradually found their favorite people.

During the hot broadcast of "wait a minute, my youth", Li Jiaqi also collected stories about "girls' worries" on Weibo. And pick out meaningful stories or unspoken regrets, Jiaqi read them to you anonymously in the form of video. After the launch of the activity, netizens took an active part in it. There are also many fans who have made interesting Jiaqi expression bags. Some netizens also summarized the screenshots of Su cancan's "straight women chasing men" play. Li Jiaqi also forwarded and released Su cancan's inner diary to interact with netizens.

Li Jiaqi and Zhao Yiqin's campus portraits were exposed on the Internet. A group of photos with full sense of youth in school uniform evoke many people's memories. Walking in the alley that year, playing truant together. Li Jiaqi's sweet and lovely image fully interprets the sense of campus.

From youth to youth, Su cancan is constantly changing. With the ups and downs of youth, she pursues her dreams and gains friendship and love. "Wait a minute, my youth" will be more than half, but our youth memory is still brand new. I hope everyone can keep the best youth time.

Youku broadcast all over the Internet at 8 p.m., with one episode updated every day from Monday to Friday, and six episodes even changed on Tuesday. Watch Li Jiaqi continue to compose the music of youth.