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What's the final box office of the best boyfriend evolution by Zheng Kai, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dong? (p

There are still 10 days to go before the release of the year's wildest comedy film best boyfriend evolution. The film's three main creators, Zheng Kai, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong, have made their own achievements in the field of comedy, and the new film gathers these three to form a new lineup. How much will the final box office be?

Zheng Kai's romantic comedy "ex 3: goodbye to ex" stands out in the same period of the film, with both box office and word-of-mouth success. It has become a rare original comedy IP in the Chinese film world. In the film, Zheng Kai plays Yu Fei, who has been in love with his girlfriend Ding Dian for two years. However, because both of them love to play and are ambiguous with the opposite sex, they break up and are still reluctant to part with each other, In the "end game" again and again, the two made up;

As an old driver in the predecessor series, Zheng Kai frequently uses golden sentences in the predecessor introduction, with powerful assists. In the predecessor 2: spare tire counterattack, he is a warm man with both humor and talent. In the predecessor 3: goodbye to the predecessor, Zheng Kai's interpretation shows a more hierarchical sense. Besides humor and sagacity, he also shows people his mature feelings;

In the movie "evolution of the best boyfriend", Zheng Kai incarnates as fan fan, an old driver of the love scene. By chance, he decides to open a training camp for male deities. With his unique love experience, he helps single dogs who are hard to find in love to evolve into "best boyfriends". Different from the main emotion of the former series, evolution of the best boyfriends is the combination of emotion, love and love The combination of funny, let us understand the true meaning of love in the hilarious;

Zhang Yuqi's comedy science fiction film "Mermaid" grossed 3.386 billion yuan, ranking fifth in China's box office list, and has won countless honors. In the film, Zhang Yuqi plays Ruolan, the overbearing president of the women's version, and meets Deng Chao at a grand party. Originally, she thought it was a play in the power and money trade, but unexpectedly, she is deeply attached to it. Zhang Yuqi dares to love and hate, and is persistent and sharp Many netizens have been impressed by his "Da Lai Bao Yu tou Tang";

Zhang Yuqi also made a lot of fans with this film. It can be said that this film is a milestone in Zhang Yuqi's film career. This time, she once again starred in the film "evolution of best boyfriend". Zhang Yuqi plays the proud queen, quiet, with a light blue low cut dress and a wine glass in her hand, as if she could see the shadow of "Ruolan";

Compared with the mermaid, the best boyfriend evolution, which is also a Hong Kong film, almost overlaps with the mermaid in terms of nonsense, cold humor, high cold beauty, bad girl's counterattack, and chasing after her moves, except for the elements of science fiction. It's hard to help but wonder if Zhang Yuqi's new film can achieve the same results as the old one?

Xu Dongdong's film "the richest man in Xihong city" also made great achievements, with a total box office of 2.547 billion, and won the eighth place in China's box office ranking (originally the seventh place, but was pushed down by this year's hit "wandering earth"). In the film, Xu Dongdong plays "Lengmeng silly elder sister" Sasha, whose plots such as "shaking head braid dance" and "climbing table temptation to fall" become classic clips of the film;

The movie is very popular. Her character 'Sasha' is full of different contrasts, cute, stupid, high-value figure and funny humor. Xu Dongdong's performance is fluent, not only full of jokes, but also shows super strength. In the movie "evolution of best boyfriend", Xu Dongdong is the first time to subvert the role of 'changing into a new face for love';

She has no beautiful appearance, even a little ugly, wearing black frame glasses and braces, freckles, ordinary clothes, in the crowd, she has been humble to please, compromise that one, after emotional cocoon into a butterfly, perfect metamorphosis into a sexy goddess;

Compared with the richest man in Xihong City, Xu Dongdong has made a lot of sacrifices in the best boyfriend evolution. She subverts the previous sexy image and plays a humble and flattering role, but this is not a bitter love movie. Like the richest man in Xihong City, Xu Dongdong has many funny performances in the new movie, and the later counter attack is a big attraction;

The total box office of Zheng Kai's predecessor, Zhang Yuqi's Mermaid and Xu Dongdong's Xihong city's richest man is nearly 8 billion yuan. This time, the three people work together to perform the best boyfriend evolution theory. How much can the final box office be? Let's wait and see!