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Yan Zidong's appearance on the catwalk of Shanghai Fashion Week

The fall and winter of 2019 Shanghai Fashion Week is in full swing. Recently, Yan Zidong, a new and popular actor, appeared on the show at the invitation of the brand and went on the runway with Chen xingxu, Zhou Yanchen and others.

On that day, Yan Zidong wore the brand's latest autumn 2019 sportswear. The combination of white and purple perfectly collided with a sense of youthful vitality and a firm and compatible sense of movement. Socks and canvas shoes are always fashion elements that will never go out of fashion. Accessories such as belts are more icing on the cake, fully showing the advantages of shoulder width and leg length. Yan Zidong is steady on the T-stage, and his style of walking with wind is very impressive. Compared with the professional models, Yan Zidong's style is no less impressive. People can't help but look at it more. The live barrage has praised this young man who is full of aura. Frankly speaking, there is only one word to describe him, that is' handsome! It can be said that the charm value is instantly full.

It is reported that although Yan Zidong is still a new actor, he has already won many praise for his acting skills, such as "know you but not know Ding" and "there is no deceit in the world". This year, there will also be films like "life has you" and TV series "Phoenix nine days" and other works, which will bloom more brilliantly.