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If Zheng baixu is Su Daqiang's son? Non combatant, please evacuate quickly!

Recently, "the brightest star in the night sky", starring Huang Zitao and Wu Qian, has attracted a lot of attention. The light hearted plot and witty lines attract countless fans, and the attention and network broadcast volume are extremely high

however! The most eye-catching character in this play must be Zheng baixu, who is a man of heaven and earth! Zheng baixu in the play a word does not open to accept, completely did not fear!

The director scolded the group performance, he was angry!

The director doesn't let me tweet, I'm sorry!

I can't stand the assistant's clothes. I hate it!

It can be said that Zheng baixu is a top ten player in Zui Pao Kung Fu. The male version of Wei Yingluo has not gained a false reputation

At this time, I can't help but remind people of Su Daqiang, who made everyone angry a while ago. He made his children jump out of the building for love and selfishness. I don't know how many friends were so angry that they couldn't sleep and were crazy about the screen?

Recently, an online blogger shared a video: he chased Zheng baixu on the iPad, and his mother watched Su Daqiang on TV. The blogger invited his mother to chase the drama with him, and when he saw Xuxu's vicious tongue contacting people one after another, his mother sighed: "Zheng baixu, if Su Daqiang's son can make su Daqiang angry to death! 'netizens joined the discussion one after another, and the comments were wonderful ~

you 're right! Su Daqiang terminator Zheng baixu appears! If Zheng baixu is Su Daqiang's son (the picture is too beautiful to imagine), then Su Daqiang may choke and faint.

The strongest on the surface, Su Daqiang vs Zheng baixu, ready! Go!

Give me bitter meat? See through at a glance

How can a rascal play? I don't care about you

Suicide threats? Don't eat you!

Take the opportunity to please? You save it

Would you like some hand ground coffee? Buy it yourself and make it yourself

After several rounds of PK, Xuxu wins! If Su Daqiang has a little son like Xu Xu, his ability to die will be greatly reduced, and his family harmony will be increased. Xu Xu tells us that for Su Daqiang's father, don't hesitate to accept him!

If Zheng baixu is Su Daqiang's son, what interesting stories do you think will happen? ~