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Best boyfriend evolution PK hardcover girl Zheng Kai Xu Dong corresponding Chow Yun Fat Cheung Man Y

Since April 12, the official announcement of the wildest comedy of the year "the evolution of the best boyfriend" starring Zheng Kai, Xu Dongdong and Fang Lishen, and Zhang Yuqi, many netizens have been talking about this comedy with a fresh lineup and novel themes;

Among them, what is more striking is that some netizens put forward that the film "evolution of best boyfriend" directed by Lin Zicong and supervised by Wang Jing is similar to the film "chasing girls in hardcover" directed by Wang Jing in her early years. The film "chasing girls in hardcover" was starred by Chow Yun fat, Zeng Zhiwei, Maggie Cheung and Zhang Min, which was released in Hong Kong on June 25, 1987;

The upcoming new film "best boyfriend evolution" continues the theme of "chasing girls in hardcover". Both films are clear-cut love movies for men and women, with lots of laughs. The difference is that the new film accurately grasps the mentality of urban men and women who are eager for love;

In the film, each boy's custom-made love routine corresponds to different styles of girls, which enables the audience to watch the film with freshness and curiosity, and find similar feelings and feelings with their own experience in different love stories. In the process of watching the film, girls can not only get the 'second slag man' strategy, but also learn how to love themselves;

Many netizens ridiculed that Zheng Kai and Xu Dongdong in "best boyfriend evolution theory" should be corresponding to Zhou Runfa and Zhang Manyu in "hardcover chasing girls", right? I don't know if this time's "custom love" will succeed? Can Zheng Kai and Xu Dongdong reproduce the love story of chow yun fat and Maggie Cheung? Let's see.

It is worth mentioning that in the new film "evolution of best boyfriend", in addition to Xu Dongdong, a post-90s girl in Qingyi, there is another well-known post-80s actress Zhang Yuqi. Both of them are famous for their 'sexy true temperament'. They not only have sexy posture, beautiful face, but also dare to say, dare to be brave and brave;

In fact, the "true temperament" is quite different from their "sexy" label, but it is precisely because they can walk in the entertainment circle as "sexy", have the courage to show their own characteristics, and have the true temperament that is not afraid of people's words that they are more brilliant and special. This time, the two generations of "sexy goddesses" perform together, which can be said to be icing on the cake and adding beauty to the beauty;

It can be seen from the exposed posters that their roles are in sharp contrast. Zhang Yuqi is wearing a low-V dress with curly hair. She looks up with a wine glass in her hand and looks like a queen;

Xu Dongdong, on the other hand, is not as sexy as she used to be. With her hair curled up, her black framed glasses and steel wire braces on, her white dress matched with her tearful facial expression, and her vivid image of "receiver", people can't help but hope that she will have a startling change in the film? After all, Xu Dongdong's sex appeal is nothing to talk about;

A movie not only has the shadow of the early classic comedies Chow Yun fat and Maggie Cheung, but also brings together two generations of sexy goddesses, Zhang Yuqi and Xu Dongdong. It also has the hilarious performance of "Little Prince of nightclub" Zheng Kai. People can't wait to watch it immediately. On Friday, April 12, the best boyfriend evolution theater will be here!