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Meet the Lord of the Palace 2: Guan Zhibin saves his wife

Recently, Sohu's self-made drama "meet the Lord of the Palace 2" is on the air. It is starred by Guan Zhibin and sun Xuening. It tells the story of Qin Zhan (Guan Zhibin) and Yuchen (sun Xuening) who accidentally cross into the world of Tianlong's eight part games. After unifying the river and the lake, they have the absolute strength and power to start a journey of soul piercing with blood and brain holes. Among them, Qin Zhan, the great devil played by Guan Zhibin, has countless fans by virtue of the power of humor. He has been called "living treasure" by many netizens and has a great sense of joy and variety.

Guan Zhibin's role in saving his wife

In the latest story, Qin Cha, who goes out to buy food, finds that his son Wang Zai has lost his vitality and his wife Yuchen has disappeared. Knowing that it was the demon king alliance who played the trick, Qin Zhan was furious. He thought he could save Yuchen, but unexpectedly, he was secretly put into the prison of Xianjian three. The plot reversal of "meet the Lord of the Palace 2" has made many netizens say that "this brain hole is bold", and Guan Zhibin's refined interpretation has also been greatly praised.

Guan Zhibin's plays are full of humor and variety

From the game master of the first season to the new good man of the second season, the character Qin Zhan played by Guan Zhibin has become more emotional, soft and humorous. In the first few episodes, he was worried about being a father. He said no words, and he even shouted at the street to buy fish for eggs. Added a lot of life atmosphere, he deduces very real and natural, funny and interesting. Guan Zhibin, an outsider, is often loved by fans because of his inexplicable cute feeling. A few days ago, he was called "brother gnaw mud" by netizens and asked for an explanation. When he was asked how to maintain it so well, Guan Zhibin replied, "what brand of preservative do I eat? Learn about swimming and fitness! 'and interact with fans. Netizens call it a' living treasure '. It's not only an excellent performance in the play, but also a humorous and real brother.

It is reported that the play involves a lot of game IP. Guan Zhibin, as a game Xiaobai, previously said that there are many interesting but unfamiliar stalks in the play, which will arouse the audience's interest and laughter. Next, Qin Zhan's strange situation in the major game world is also expected. At 8 p.m. next Thursday, Sohu Video continues!