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Five elder brothers know how to draw in the same frame? Gu Juji invited Qin LAN to be the guest of t

On March 31, Gu Juji will bring his own brand "solo celeb." and "htdg" to Shanghai Fashion week for five consecutive years. As the creative director, Gu Juji will continue to present new fashions for you and bring you a brand-new autumn and winter 2019 series.

Gu Juji was fond of painting and creation since childhood. In addition to film and music, he has been engaged in different kinds of creation in recent years. Gu Juji also posted pictures on the social platform and attached an article: "persevere in what you like. Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. The fifth year Shanghai Fashion Week, March 31, my team and I cheer together! 'in the picture, Gu Juji helps the models to arrange their clothes and prepare for the fashion week. Fans responded with messages: "the man who works hard is the most handsome" fashion jichong duck "!

In the past, Gu Juji held fashion shows in Shanghai Fashion Week and invited special guests to walk the catwalk for him. It is said that his good friend Qin LAN will make a grand debut this time! When Zhihua meets the designer five elder brother, what different sparks will it produce? On March 31, Shanghai Fashion Week, Gu Juji's "solo celeb." htdg "autumn and winter fashion show in 2019, look forward to it together!