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How heavy is the biggest lion in the world? The Cape lion is an elephant and weighs 420 kg

The animal kingdom is rich in species and has its own abilities, such as the fastest running animals and the fastest breeding animals. When it comes to the animal world, many people are obsessed with the king of beasts, and then the world's largest lion has attracted much attention. Here's a brief introduction to the world's largest lion.

1、 The world's largest lion, the Cape lion, weighs 420 kg

It is reported that the largest lion in the world is the Cape lion in Africa. The largest lion weighs 420 kg, which is beyond comparison even with the Siberian tiger, the largest cat in the world. Cape lion is also known as Cape lion and Cape Town lion. Male lion is 1-1.2 meters high in shoulder, and its tail is 4 meters long. Its weight can reach 383 kg. In 1947, a captive Cape lion named guate gojira weighed an amazing 420 kg. It is the most powerful subspecies of feline in history, and once lived in the southernmost tip of the earth. Therefore, it is called the largest lion in the world .

The Cape lion is wiped out

Lions are also considered to be one of the fastest running animals on land, but the world's largest lion, the Cape lion, is generally considered to be extinct in 1865, mainly because there were many local hunters and farmers in South Africa in the past who liked the lion's fur to keep warm and keep warm, and they could exchange a lot of money, so they could often hunt and kill lions. In addition, some farmers resented that the Cape lion was often caught Kill their livestock, so the hunters kill a lot of Cape lions.

In addition, the world's largest lion, the Cape lion, has a small distribution and a small number. In addition, the British and Dutch colonists and the local residents of South Africa have killed and destroyed their habitats. They are not only recognized as the largest lion in the world, but also the first extinct modern lion.

2、 The largest lion in the world, the African lion

African lion is the largest feline animal in Africa and the most ferocious beast in Africa. It is known as one of the largest lions in the world. African lions are generally divided into eight subspecies, the largest of which are Kruger and Katanga. African lions are widely distributed in the grasslands south to north of the Sahara desert in Africa, known as the 'King of the grasslands'.

As the largest feline in Africa, African lion is also one of the largest lions in the world. Its coat color is mainly light yellow brown. The shoulder height of male lion is more than 1.1 meters when standing. The total length of female lion can reach 3 meters, and the weight of male lion can reach 180-350 kg. The male lion has a large head, a wide face, a long nose bone and a black nose.

3、 The fight between lion and tiger

About the king of beasts, it's always unclear. Both the lion and the tiger are known as the king of beasts. Which one is more powerful? So many people compare the world's largest lion with the northeast tiger. In fact, ancient Indians, Persians and Mesopotamians may have seen the fighting between lions and tigers in the wild, but there is no record. There is no record of lion and tiger fighting, and the outcome is even more unknown.

However, those who have observed the movements of lions and tigers will notice that even the largest lion in the world has a stiff back and body, while the tiger's body is more elastic. The tiger is superior to the lion in almost every index related to flexibility, such as jump distance, turn speed and bounce height. [Click to see the details of Siberian tiger, the largest cat in the world (weight 300kg / body length 2.6m / 1.7m)]

In the circus, tigers are often trained to walk the balance beam, but there is no hope of success in lion training. This seems to be contrary to common sense and unbelievable. However, this is an ironclad fact, which can not be denied by anyone with a clear mind. Almost all people (including those who think that lions have more interests than tigers) have a consensus that tigers' body structure endows them with more and stronger muscles, are much bigger than lions, and their predation ability is much stronger than lions.