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The kindergarten director and her husband have been detained

According to media reports, on May 24, Ms. Wu of Jiangxia, Wuhan, sent her 4-year-old son Xinxin to the school bus of Xingxing kindergarten. Unexpectedly, the kindergarten left her child on the bus. The highest temperature of the day was 30 degrees. At more than 3 p.m., the park just found Xinxin, who had been trapped in the car for nearly 8 hours and was already out of her mind. Xinxin died after rescue. The director and her husband (part-time school bus driver) have been detained.

According to media reports, the main reason for children forgetting school buses is due to staff paralysis and inadequate supervision. After the children are sent to the car, there is no effective connection among parents, drivers and teachers, and there is no supervision and check-in from the kindergarten. If the teacher finds that Xinxin has not come, he should communicate with the driver and the parents, if the kindergarten side checks and inspects, if the school bus driver and the teacher hold snacks and check whether there are any children left behind in the vehicle, but none of them. There are loopholes in the management of the kindergarten, the lack of sense of responsibility of the relevant personnel, and the inadequate communication between parents and the kindergarten.

The loopholes in the supervision of the park and the lack of sense of responsibility of relevant personnel, I think, are nothing more than to formulate a system, strictly implement the system, strengthen supervision, strengthen education and training, and improve safety awareness. But in addition to strengthening the main responsibility of the kindergarten, our parents should also strengthen the supervision of the kindergarten and strengthen the communication with the kindergarten. Communication and supervision rely on kindergartens to create a platform. At present, the Internet is booming and the construction of smart kindergarten is in the ascendant. If the kindergarten implements the construction of smart kindergarten platform, parents can effectively supervise and check whether the children are in the kindergarten through intelligent check-in and real-time monitoring, and the real-time situation of the children after entering the class in the kindergarten. In this way, parents can understand the situation of children's growth and education without going out of the house or between work, realize the communication between the kindergarten and parents, and realize the supervision of parents, which can not only avoid forgetting the children to the school bus, but also avoid teachers' malicious corporal punishment of children.

At the press conference of the news center of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, Chen Baosheng, the Ministry of education, answered the reporter about strengthening the safety management of kindergartens, saying that people's air defense, material defense and technical defense should be developed simultaneously, so that children can live and grow up safely and happily in kindergartens. It is understood that in 2017, there were 46 million pre-school children in kindergartens in China, and now there are 255 000 kindergartens in total, with a large number and difficult supervision, so the safety management of kindergarten children has a long way to go.