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Imitation of shaking vegetables for meat tiktok related personnel were arrested

There are always new tiktok games on the shaking. The latest hot dish is "vegetable for meat" - when you eat, you can take your own dishes to exchange for other people's meat. The different reactions of the changed party in the video become a new 'hot spot'. At the beginning, this kind of play started from "show love". Usually, the girlfriend would clip the vegetables in her bowl to her boyfriend and the meat in her bowl to observe her boyfriend's reaction. So, what about people who don't have boyfriends? Some people extend their chopsticks to family members, colleagues, friends and even strangers.

Tiktok is very loud and imitators. Tiktok and tiktok, which are caused by imitation of the shaking, happen frequently. For example, a 8 year old boy in Xi'an simulated the video of the whole voice of the "jittering" capsule, and the result of the accident was that a 6 year old brother tripped and fell. Another example was that a parent in Wuhan who was trying to catch the tiktok difficulty and grabbed the two-year-old daughter upwards turned 180 degrees, lost her hand, which caused her child to head and break seriously. Now, another vicious incident happened in Xiaoshan, where people gathered to beat people because they were refused to imitate "food for meat".

Steamed buns reported that the incident revealed that 27 year old Anhui Lee, the day of the incident and several friends eat barbecue during the brush, shaking, just sitting in the next table, Zhang Li, they regard them as "test target", intended to steamed bread for five pork, after being refused by the other party, angry, angry, angry, angry, angry, tiktok, more than 10 people beat the other side, finally, Li and 6 people were arrested for provocation and trouble. Criminal detention ended in accordance with the law, and a farce with a trill and tiktok was launched.

Imitation of the "tiktok" meat, should be good, scale and bottom line, and we must not consider the feelings of the other side, but also cannot be overloaded. Once you go out of your way, you can't have fun. After the other party expresses his disagreement, he doesn't stop at the right time and express his apology. On the contrary, he gets angry from the heart and makes a big fight. It's nothing more than a thorough provocation and trouble, which not only infringes the legitimate rights and interests of others, but also violates the national law. Being punished according to law is pure self blame.

As the saying goes, imitation is risky and behavior should be cautious. Lack of rationality, lack of propriety, blindly follow the trend, imitate mischief, inevitably bring trouble to others, add chaos to public security, artificially create unsafe and unstable factors. It is more necessary for the platform side to draw lessons from it, make in-depth review and Reflection on the platform content development and audit management, and draw inferences from one instance to make up for it. Tiktok and other short videos such as vulgar, fake selling, misleading and dangerous actions are being questioned by public opinion. The call for strict checks and supervision has been quite high. The relevant network platforms have not really given enough attention.

The more influential the Internet platform is, the more important it is to keep the bottom line of public morality and laws and regulations, and shoulder its due social responsibility, instead of blindly pursuing popularity and economic interests. The development of content and the provision of services should seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and take health, sunshine, safety, green and legality as necessary standards. Some short videos have a strong sense of reality and a high risk coefficient, which can easily lead to the impulse of imitation and lead to unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences. Some of them have already touched the moral and legal boundaries, which inevitably misleads the players. How can operators and managers not choose and listen to them? Instead of adhering to the correct orientation and giving people healthy, safe and beneficial entertainment, we should become a de facto troublemaker. The more popular such online audio-visual programs are, the greater the potential social harm will be. The more we need to arouse the high vigilance of the relevant parties.