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Passengers a lot of cash into the taxi, the taxi brother scared to call the police

According to media reports on May 22, a taxi driver in Shenzhen found 100000 yuan of cash left by a passenger in his car on May 21, then stopped carrying passengers, went to the police station to report to the police, and finally got in touch with the owner. The owner said it took only an hour to recover the lost taxi, praising the efficiency of the police and taxi companies.

'I feel nervous when I see so much money'

The reporter contacted the driver level of Shenzhen luwangtong Transportation Co., Ltd. He said that he picked up a taxi man on the side of the road tonight. He picked up a paper bag and got on the bus. He sat in the co driver's seat with the bag under his feet. After that, the passenger got off the bus at the gate of Buji century imperial palace hotel, but he forgot to take the paper bag, and he didn't pay attention to it. It wasn't until ten minutes later, after the bus had passed several intersections, that Deng Pingping found the bag by the light.

Paper bags left by passengers in taxis

Deng said that when he looked inside his bag, there were ten stacks of 100 yuan notes, estimated to be a total of 100000 yuan. 'I'm scared. I've never seen so much money before. I'm a little scared and nervous. I'll call our team leader immediately. '

Deng didn't have the passenger's contact information because it was a roadside taxi instead of a car appointment. He recalled that the passenger should be about 30 years old and "very polite.".

Li Mingfei, the captain of Deng Xiaoping, told reporters that after he received the news, he asked Deng Xiaoping to stop soliciting customers, and called the police immediately. They had already come to Nantou police station, hoping that the owner would come to claim it soon. Around 22:20 PM, with the help of the police, they got in touch with the owner.

Taxi driver's standard

Lost owner: recovered within 1 hour

The reporter also contacted the owner, Mr. Cai, who had come to Nantou police station and was filling in the record. How could he forget such a large sum of money? Mr. Cai explained that the 100000 yuan was used to invest in a health club. This evening, he was in a hurry to sign a contract. "There are a large group of people waiting in the hotel, and they forgot when they were in a hurry.".

Mr. Cai said that when he got out of the car and walked to the door of the hotel, he found that he had forgotten his money bag, but he didn't pay attention to the license plate number, so he called the police for help. Later, the police officer of Buji police station helped him get surveillance, got the license plate number and contacted the taxi company and the driver.

It was only about an hour after Mr. Cai found the money bag was lost and then recovered. Mr. Cai praised the efficiency of the police and also expressed his gratitude to the driver Deng Guangping who had found the money. He said that when going out, it is relatively safe to choose a big brand taxi. Once you lose your property, you will be more efficient in retrieving it.