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After 90 girl elopes with the net red beggar meets the difficulty to kneel down the street to sell t

Recently, on the streets of Wuhan, Hubei Province, a 9-month-old pregnant woman knelt down on the street to sell her baby to save her husband, causing a dispute. She once attracted the attention of the police and was later educated by the police. After confirmation, the photographer learned that the woman who sold the baby was Liang erling, a girl who had been paid attention to by millions of netizens and ran away with Xia Haibo, the most powerful beggar who wrote "begging diary". What's the matter?

Xia Haibo, a native of Tianmen, Hubei Province, suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and avascular necrosis of the femoral head, resulting in physical disability. His parents went to see a doctor and lost their family and were heavily in debt. Because he didn't want to drag down his family, Xia Haibo went out alone to beg in 2006 and traveled all over the country. In 2008, he completed the first autobiographical novel begging diary in Chengdu, which was published by Wuhan publishing house. Later, he wrote a walking mother for his mother.

Xia Haibo is widely concerned by the media because of his experiences as a beggar, writing books, selling newspapers, going on TV and giving lectures at university. Xia Haibo's legendary experience not only attracts media attention. In order to survive, Xia Haibo set up a street stall to sell books for a living after the book was published. He was called "the greatest beggar in history" by the Internet media. Later, he met Liang erling, a girl born in Henan after 1990s. Although strongly opposed by her parents, Liang erling still chose to elope with Xia Haibo.

In October 2017, BTU once paid attention to the story of Xia Haibo and Liang erling living in a village in Guangzhou City, selling bags for a living. Liang erling moved tens of millions of netizens by her persistence in treating disabled beggars. Xia Haibo sold more than 300 books by express delivery in one day.

After Xia Haibo and Liang erling were together, they had a six-year-old son who was in a big kindergarten class. Last year, Liang erling had an unexpected pregnancy. Considering the poor family conditions, Dabao had to go to school, the man had to see a doctor, and the dilapidated tile roofed house in her hometown had not been rebuilt for more than 30 years, they originally planned not to want the child and went to Guangzhou South Hospital for medical abortion. However, they vomited heavily during pregnancy, which led to Liang erling's dehydration and acidosis. She was hospitalized for injection and rehydration for more than ten days.

The doctor let the cultivation period of time to do painless abortion. During this period, Xia Haibo was sent to the hospital emergency room for more than a month because of gastrointestinal bleeding. Liang erling took care of Xia Haibo in the hospital with her child. When her family ran out of money, Xia Haibo was discharged from the hospital. This delay made her baby nearly five months old. The doctor suggested giving birth. At the moment, Liang erling decided to have a baby out of maternal love. The picture shows Liang erling in front of Xia Haibo's hometown with a big stomach. She has been pregnant for more than 9 months and is due to give birth on May 30.

As early as November last year, Xia Haibo had dark stools for many days and couldn't get up with vomiting. After staying in Guangzhou rental house for more than a week, he was sent to Xinshi Hospital of Baiyun District by 120 and hospitalized for 12 days. After that, he was transferred to three hospitals and spent more than 40000 yuan. His only savings were spent and he had to leave the hospital and return to the rental house before he got well.

When he left hospital, Xia Haibo was too weak to stand up. At that time, they couldn't even pay the rent and their son was forced to leave the kindergarten.

After the Spring Festival, the weather gradually warm, Xia Haibo recovered some physical strength, can slowly go downstairs. Liang erling's stomach is growing up day by day. Because it costs a lot of money to produce in Guangzhou, and there is no one to take care of her baby, Xia Haibo decides to take her wife back to her hometown for childbirth.

After returning to Tianmen's hometown in Hubei Province, Xia Haibo had a rest at home, while Liang erling sometimes grew vegetables. Go to the hospital in the town to check, the doctor said that the baby's indicators are good. But Xia Haibo's own disease still has not been obviously improved, often vomiting, accompanied by bloody stools. Xia Haibo had planned to write another book, courtship, to make some money, but he was not in good health and physical strength, so he often couldn't do it.

At this time, the birth of a child will be a burden, and can not let him (her) live a happy life. At this time, Liang erling wants to find a future for her baby, and give her husband and herself a new hope. If her husband is no longer there, the family will be broken up. Therefore, Liang erling wrote a sign "sell the baby to save the family". She wanted to sell her baby. On May 8, Liang erling took her husband and son to Wuhan by car and came to the street.

Not far from Wuchang railway station, next to Dadongmen Electromechanical market, Liang erling's family found a 60 yuan one-day hostel to live in. Hormone treatment makes his face puffy, which is different from a few years ago, but his legs are still very thin. The drug only makes his face and upper body fat, with great side effects.

During this period, his son was lying on Liang erling's stomach listening to his little brother. Someone told him that his mother was going to sell your brother to his father for treatment. Would you do it? Xia Yi said, "don't sell it to me. Liang erling wept after listening. The name Xia Haibo gave his eldest son was Xia Yi. He had nothing. From the beginning, Tao gave birth to one. Name the baby in the stomach 99. He said that the world is not perfect, one and nine complement each other perfectly.

After dinner, Xia Haibo's family came to the overpass next to Dadongmen Electromechanical market and put out a sign. During this period, someone asked Xia Haibo, are you hyping? Liang erling said: 'it's like a man who can't swim falls into the water. He beats the surface of the water desperately to cry for help. If someone hears him, maybe he will be saved. If he doesn't cry, he can only sink. We're just saving ourselves. Give your children a future and give yourself a new hope. With that, Liang erling's eyes turned red.

Kneeling for two hours, leg kneeling very painful, no one cares. Others called the police, and the rescue station and police station had passed. After they know the situation and check their ID cards, they are asked to leave without disturbing the order.

Later, Liang erling changed a place and knelt there waiting for the kind-hearted people to pass by, but no one paid any attention to them. Because the due date is approaching, kneeling for a long time, Liang erling knee pain, she felt the baby was coming out. Liang erling said that even if she can't meet the person she wants to meet, she won't abandon her child. As long as she has a bite to eat in a restaurant, she will raise her child.

The photographer doesn't approve of Xia Haibo and his wife selling their children, which is against the law. Today, chart B pays attention to the story of Xia Haibo and Liang erling again, just to let people help them through this difficult time, even if they buy a Book of him.