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9.3 million reward female anchorperson turned out to be the property of the company

9.3 million reward female anchorperson turned out to be the property of the company. In the first trial, she was sentenced for seven years. With the development of the live broadcast industry, the problem of huge reward for anchorperson also emerges one after another. Juveniles are ignorant, and they can still recover money by reward, but many adults are confused. Recently, there has been a heated discussion about the 9.3 million yuan reward given to female anchorperson by an accountant. It seems that the accountant is a local tyrant, but it is not. The 9.3 million yuan is the property of the company.

Last year, Wang Qiang (pseudonym), an accountant of a real estate company in Zhenjiang, became a hot topic. He embezzled millions of yuan from the company to reward the anchor. Because he didn't have enough money from the company, he tried to cut his wrist and commit suicide, but he failed. After Zhenjiang Jingkou police intervened in the investigation, an economic crime case of misappropriating huge amount of funds surfaced.

around September 2015, I first came into contact with the live platform of Betta. At the beginning, I didn't register an account, so I watched the game anchor play games as a tourist on the platform. Later, I applied for an account and liked to watch some female anchor sing. I recharged several hundred yuan to give them gifts. Later, I spent more and more money. By October 2015, I had to pay more and more Around January, I brush more and more gifts, and my money is not enough. I want to take out the company's money and charge it in my account to reward the anchor of the platform.

The evidence presented by the prosecutor at the trial site, Wang Qiang confessed that the first time he took the money was around October 2015, he took thousands of dollars from the office's safe to pay the card and then filled the money through Alipay to fight the fish platform.

After a few checks in the safe, no one found out, Wang Qiang's courage grew bigger and bigger. He took money from his company's bank card, and then through Alipay, WeChat, to fight the fish live broadcast platform, the panda live platform, the national live broadcast platform, the Zanthoxylum direct seeding platform account number continuously filled money.

two thousand and sixteen In the first half of the year, the company's financial director gave Wang Qiang the key to the safe with the company's financial seal and legal person seal. He also knew the password of the safe. In this case, he could withdraw the company's funds at will. He could withdraw money directly from the company's basic bank account and put it on his own bank card, or wire transfer the funds from other bank accounts to his own bank card Then recharge the live broadcast platform through Alipay, and reward the anchor.

According to Wang Qiang's confession, as of mid February 2017, he had recharged about 7.66 million yuan to various live broadcast platforms, and the total amount of money he paid to the anchor plus his own consumption and loaned to others was about 8.8 million yuan.