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The interest class teacher did such a thing, 11 year old fifth grade girl was indecent

this is my daughter's favorite drawing class. Why do you suddenly refuse to go to the tutorial class again? In her daughter's cry, her mother knew that her daughter was obscene by teacher Liu in the painting class. At present, Liu has been detained by Qinhuai police for indecency.

In the middle of April this year, Ms. Li, as usual, is going to send her daughter LAN LAN to an interest class to learn painting. But before going out, Lan Lan was unwilling to go. Ms. Li only thought it was a child who was in a bad mood and didn't ask any more questions.

At about 8 o'clock that night, Lan Lan opened the door of her mother's room, sat beside the bed and began to cry. She told her mother that after the last painting class, when there were only herself and Miss Liu left in the classroom, Miss Liu put her hand into her clothes. The next morning, Ms. Li and her daughter came to the Guanghua Road police station of Qinhuai branch to report the case. Ms. Li said that her daughter Lan Lan is only 11 years old and is in the fifth grade of primary school. Lan Lan liked to draw when she was young. In the third grade, she learned to draw with a substitute teacher in an interest class not far from home.

The reporter learned that the teacher's surname was Liu. Later, when she came out on her own to hold a painting training class, Lan Lan thought that Liu taught well, so she always followed him to learn painting.

Subsequently, the police immediately organized the police to come to the interest class near Yinlong road and took Liu back to the police station for investigation. In the face of police interrogation, Liu confessed to his indecent behavior. At present, Liu was detained by Qinhuai police for indecency, and the case is under further trial.