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High school students are chased and beaten, but the kind-hearted driver helps to persuade them, but

At about 10 pm on May 8, Mr. Li, a driver from Jiangyou Didi, Mianyang, Sichuan, was picking up a passenger when he found that the passenger was a high school student who was chased and beaten by several social youths. So Mr. Li stopped to ask the social youths to apologize. At last, he angered the other party and was slashed.

On May 14, Mr. Li told Chengdu Business Daily that he had been a social youth before and had been educated by public security organs, but he could not see these people bullying students.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned from Jiangyou police that there is no relationship between social youth and student AI Xiang, while Mr. Li is fighting against injustice. At present, seven suspects have been arrested by the police and the case is under further trial.

at the sight of injustice

Didi driver protects student passengers from chopping

On the evening of May 8, Mr. Li, a didi driver from Jiangyou, Mianyang, received an order. At the bus stop in the middle section of Libai Avenue, Taiping Town, Jiangyou, a student passenger in school uniform quickly opened the door of the bus, got on the bus and yelled 'master, drive quickly, someone hit me behind'.

When the passengers got on the bus, several people ran after each other and yelled 'no going'. Mr. Li locked the door and started the car while asking the passenger. The passenger told Mr. Li that he was a senior high school student in Jiangyou. His name was AI Xiang. When he was walking on the road, he was beaten by several people for no reason.

'don't be afraid. I'm your brother. I'll go to them. "The car was less than 10 meters ahead. After hearing about AI Xiang's experience, Mr. Li was very angry. He braked directly, stopped and got off to come to the front of the four pursuers. 'why do you beat a student and immediately apologize to him & hellip;' the four people who chased him before were a little stunned, and then several people came out with machetes in their hands, 'apologize! 'then he started to chop at Mr. Li.

Seeing this, Mr. Li had to dodge, but he was still slashed on his back. However, at this time, Mr. Li did not retreat, but entangled with each other. He also tried to grab the knife, but failed, and his finger was scratched. AI Xiang ran to a nearby hotel, dialed 110 to call the police, and the pursuers saw this and began to flee. Later, the police arrived at the scene, they were also taken to the police station to record statements, Mr. Li was also sent to the hospital for treatment.

On the 14th, Mr. Li was still driving in Jiangyou, and the wound on his back was still a little painful. Talking about his being cut, he joked that he was' nosy '.

Mr. Li told Chengdu Business Daily that he used to like fighting like these young people. A few years ago, he was educated by the public security organs. 'I can't get used to the social youth who bully students now. If I had studied hard before, I would not have gone astray. Maybe I would have a better job now. "As for his injury, Mr. Li said it didn't matter. He said that because it rained that night to cool down, he wore a thicker coat, so he was not seriously injured.

AI Xiang is also grateful for Mr. Li's fight against injustice. He has been in touch with Mr. Li these days and called him 'brother'. According to AI Xiang, he is currently in senior three. Some time ago, when he took the exam, his score was 80 points higher than that of this line. "I'm going to take the college entrance examination soon. I'm worried that I don't know what to fill in when I volunteer. After this, I feel brother Li's heart of fighting against injustice. I'm going to volunteer for the college entrance examination to fill in the military academy. I can help more people in the future, which can be regarded as a kind of gratitude to brother Li. '

In May 10th, the Jiangyou Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Criminal Police Brigade and the police station of the city north station, arrested the suspect Wang, Jing, Wu, Deng, Li, Tang, Xia and others, and seized the machetes and steel bars of the crime tools. After questioning, the suspect confessed to the fact that he had injured a knife stick in May 8th night without any reason to hurt Lee and others.

On May 14, the police said that after investigation and interrogation, AI Xiang did not know the suspect at all and did not provoke him. According to the suspect, they beat whoever they saw on the street. At the same time, the police said that Mr. Li, the didi driver, was just fighting against injustice and was then slashed by the suspect. At present, the case is under further investigation.