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My grandfather jumped in line to buy milk tea for his granddaughter, but the clerk refused and beat

Recently, a hot online video made everyone angry: in the video, a man slapped the little girl on the back of the head and pulled the girl aside rudely. It is understood that this is a milk tea shop in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. The man is the girl's grandfather.

Grandfather wants to cut in line and is refused to fight in line in public

The cause of the matter is that the girl has to wait in line to buy milk tea. Maybe there are too many people waiting in line. Grandfather wanted to cut in line and give the money to the shop assistant directly. He said he would sell it to him, but the shop assistant didn't sell it. After that, the grandfather suddenly reached out and hit his granddaughter on the back of the head, and pulled her away. He was still fighting while walking.

The assistant of the milk tea shop said that the grandfather wanted to cut in the line, but the granddaughter said that he would line up, and the two expressed their own opinions. At last, the shop assistant saw that the child was beaten violently, and the guests next to him were willing to let the girl order first, or give the drink to the little girl first.

Netizen: such a grandfather has harmed a good seedling

After the video was posted on the Internet, my grandfather's behavior was unanimously condemned by netizens

@Little angel's eyelashes: who, if you don't say that you are immoral, you have to beat your granddaughter.

@How can such an old man educate his children

@Park director: I feel that my grandfather is deliberately beating the children in front of everyone, so as to achieve the goal that he should jump the queue. It turned out to be successful. When I went home, I bit back and said that the child was disobedient. Maybe my parents will beat me up again.

Many netizens are worried about the bad influence on the little girl

@Bear eating wild vegetables: I don't think children should be allowed to buy it. It's wrong for grandfather to beat children! But if you can jump the queue because the child is beaten, it's not good for her to think that she can do it in the future.

@All wallpaper mother: such a grandfather, please don't harm your granddaughter. A good seedling will be destroyed by you. It's reasonable to beat a child

@Mr. Wu: it's not good for the growth of children to let such old things take care of their children.