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Drunk man lying on the road, loyal dog action makes many onlookers tears

Dogs are the most loyal animals. A man from Colombia was lying on the road because he was drunk. There were so many dangerous vehicles on the road that good people wanted to carry him to a safe place, but his loyal dog stopped him.

As soon as the dog saw someone close to his owner, he kept barking. He just wanted to protect his owner in his own way. Later, someone called the police, hoping that the police could remove the drunk man.

After the police came, they picked up the baton and tried to drive the dog away, but the dog still didn't want to leave and yelled at the police. Then, the dog lay close to the owner's body.

Seeing the dog struggling to protect the owner, everyone was moved and worried. Soon after, the dog kept rubbing the owner's head and arm with his forelimb, trying to wake up the owner. However, the owner was too drunk and was always in a coma. Just when the dog didn't pay attention, someone pulled out the drunk man's helmet. The man woke up and left with the dog.