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White coat man's Princess hugs the old man for medical treatment, netizens praise it as "the most be May 8 - in recent days, a picture of Princess hugging has been forwarded by many netizens on Weibo and wechat. In the photo, an old woman with white hair is carried on the stairs by a man in a white coat. On May 8, the reporter verified that the old lady was 96 years old. On that day, she was accompanied by her 60 year old daughter to Liangji health center in Suining because she was unwell. The old lady was too weak to climb to the Department on the second floor. After passing Doctor Chen Bin found the situation, she took the old man to the consulting room on the second floor, and when the old man's treatment was over, she took her to the first floor. The head nurse of the hospital then photographed this warm scene, and it came to his wechat circle of friends. Unexpectedly, it attracted netizens' praise, which was called 'the most beautiful princess hug'.

Doctor's Princess hugs 96 year old patient

'This is the most beautiful princess hug I've ever seen '. On Weibo and wechat, when the netizens didn't forward a picture, they used such comments. In this photo forwarded by a large number of netizens, a thin, white haired old woman puts her hands on a middle-aged man's shoulder. The man is thick and walks steadily on the stairs.

The reporter contacted the family members in the photo yesterday and learned that the old lady's surname is Gao. She is 96 years old and lives in Liangji town of Suining. The old lady has been ill all the year round and her waist and legs are not good. On the morning of April 29, the old lady felt unwell at her waist, and her 60 year old daughter accompanied her to Liangji Health Center for treatment. After hanging up the number, the old lady had to go to the Department on the second floor for treatment, but it was difficult to go to the first floor stairway, so she couldn't take the stairs at all.

The monitoring of the hospital showed that it was very difficult for the old lady to walk after she was admitted to the hospital. In the corridor on the first floor, the old lady was supported by her daughter and moved slowly. She walked in the corridor for more than 10 minutes before she reached the stairway. At the entrance of the stairs, my daughter tried to carry her along the stairs, but she tried to carry her on her back, but she failed several times. Then, a man in a white coat approached, exchanged a few words, and took the old man, a princess, up the stairs.

The doctor took the old man downstairs after the inquiry

The reporter then contacted the doctor in the photo. His name is Chen Bin, 51 years old, and he is a physician in Liangji town health center. He recalled to reporters that that morning, he was going to the hospital office on the third floor. When he came to the stairway, he found a woman in her 60s trying to carry an old lady on her back. He quickly stopped her. After inquiry, she learned that the old lady wanted to go to the second floor for treatment, but she couldn't climb the stairs. Doctor Chen immediately said that he came to take the old man upstairs. After the old man was sent to the clinic, Dr. Chen waited outside. After a few minutes of consultation, he picked up the old lady from the chair in the treatment room and sent her to the first floor. The old lady didn't have any serious problems that day and didn't need further treatment. Doctor Chen told her to go back to work after she got on the electric car driven by her family.

Chen Bin said that although he is 51 years old, he has a strong body, that is to say, he "hugs easily". I didn't expect to see a photo on Weibo and wechat soon. It turned out that this picture was taken by Hu Xueli, head nurse of the hospital. She told the reporter that before Doctor Chen picked up the old lady, she also found the situation of the stairway. She was just about to go forward to learn about the situation, but then she saw Doctor Chen's "Princess" holding the old lady up. Hu Xueli said that Doctor Chen was very careful. He told the old man to put his hands around his neck before walking up the stairs slowly. Hu thought the scene was very touching, then took out his mobile phone and took a picture.

Doctor Chen Bin's warm embrace moved many netizens

Hu Xueli didn't expect that a picture she took casually triggered a large number of netizens to forward praise. She told reporters that the patient did not know Chen binsu and was not Doctor Chen. After that, Dr. Chen complained about her, saying that she was "famous" on the Internet. '

According to Hu Xueli, Chen Bin has been working for more than 30 years and is a key doctor in the hospital. Although the conditions of township hospitals are limited, they usually have many patients. Doctor Chen is strong and often works as a laborer. "Our hospital has only three floors, and there is no elevator. Doctor Chen often helps to carry the stretcher upstairs. It's not the first time that Princess hugs her. "In addition, Dr. Chen's medical skills and ethics have also been praised by many patients. Hospitals often hear from patients that Dr. Chen helps them pay medical expenses in advance.

Dr. Chen Bin's warm embrace moved many netizens. "This embrace is strong and powerful, making the doctor-patient distance zero; this embrace is warm and casual, and the old man's smile is full of; this embrace returns to the beauty of harmony between people. Dr. Chen's behavior seems ordinary, but it warms people's heart.