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The truth behind a woman's arrest and beating her best friend for taking photos is appalling

make one's hair stand on end! Women illegally detain their best friend and threaten to take private photos! Once said nothing, because what? Ye Tongtong (a pseudonym) and Qiaobao (a pseudonym) are good friends. They used to rent together, so we can say that they have nothing to talk about. But recently, something happened. Qiao Bao went to the Shoucheng police station in Yiwu to report that ye Tongtong illegally detained her, beat her and took nude photos of her. What happened? Why is Ye Tong cruel to Qiao Bao?

'the cause of the matter is that the suspect Ye Tongtong's boyfriend and the victim Qiao Bao are together. When the boyfriend chats with the victim Qiao Bao, he often says that the suspect Ye Tongtong is not good. When she hears about it, she gets very angry. 'Huang Yunfeng, a police officer at Houcheng police station in Yiwu, told reporters.

It can be seen from a video provided by the police: in the video, a woman swears and slaps the woman sitting on the stool. After police investigation, the woman who was beaten was Qiao Bao, and the woman who was beaten was Ye Tongtong.

Ye Tongtong said: her ex boyfriend has become her best friend's current boyfriend, which has made her feel uncomfortable. When she heard that her best friend was still saying bad things about herself, ye Tongtong made up her mind to teach Qiao Bao a lesson. So in mid April, she commissioned another friend to invite Qiao Bao out for dinner.

After the appointment, ye Tongtong first called her to the old railway station to sing and eat. Then when she walked to the riverside park, ye Tongtong appeared, grabbed her mobile phone, beat her, and then asked her to kneel down and admit her mistake. After admitting her mistake, she was not satisfied. She also took off her clothes and took photos with her mobile phone. 'after investigation, officer Huang of Houcheng police station found that after beating Qiao Bao in the park, several people felt that they were still angry, so they took Qiao Bao to a hotel in the city, detained him and continued to beat him.

In the hotel, they still beat her and threatened her. In fact, they didn't take off their underwear in the park. When they arrived at the hotel, they took off their underwear and underwear and photographed their private parts. When they thought of the money they owed others, they forced them to prostitute. In this way, they returned their money. If they didn't cooperate in prostitution, they sent the photos to their circle of friends to threaten them. '

The beating lasted for several hours before ye let him go. Then, Qiao Bao reported the case to the police station, and the police soon arrested several suspects. At present, Xiao Qi and others who beat Qiao Bao have been detained by the police for suspected illegal detention.