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The disabled and psychic old cattle of the rural elderly work in the field by themselves

Animals are spiritual. After living with human beings for a long time, they also know a lot of things. An old man in the countryside is disabled, and his family's children go out to work. The buffalo in the family becomes the last resort.

The old cow is very sensible. The old man has a disabled leg and it is very inconvenient to move. So every time the old man wants to go out or go to the field, the cattle at home will go to the truck by themselves.

The old cow has no human hands. When loading, he can only rely on his horns to load the car bit by bit, and then wait for the old man.

The old man said that because this sensible cow made him relaxed a lot, but this cow has been with it for more than ten years, no matter what, it will not be sold to kill this old cow.