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Tiktok tiktok is too deep to be arrested, imitate, shake, listen to the audio, and approach the next

April 20th, the imitation video of tiktok, the result is too deep into the play, and the fight is arrested. It's risky to tease girls, so be careful to imitate! Recently, the tiktok video is very popular, and many of the videos of the girls are popular online. But other people tease girls according to the original play. Let's not get involved in the play too deeply!

Tiktok: ​ ​ ​ two men in Taizhou, Zhejiang, during the midnight snack, mimicking the video on the shaking table to chat up the women at the next table. Wang, who was at the same table with the woman, couldn't look down and quarreled with them. Finally, the three parties were administratively detained. Netizen: others are acting according to the script, but you are in the play.

Recently, someone was chatting tiktok in the middle school, and the result was a fight, which eventually led to three people being detained by the administration.

Tiktok, your little sister, your little sister, give you something or &hellip, 'and then put your hand on the girl's hand and ask,' do you want to be '? This is the more famous "tiktok" on the jitter. Wu Mousheng and Wu Moumu are very familiar with the two people because they often watch the jitter. At 1:00 a.m. on April 8, when Wu, Wu and his friends were having supper in a restaurant, they found that the young girls at the next table were more beautiful. The two people were on the tiktok and they learned to chat up the video on the chattering. Subsequently, two people and the girl at the same table of Wang so a dispute.

Police officer in charge: 'after investigation, Wu Mou Mu and Wu Mou Sheng had a quarrel with Wang at the table next door after drinking, resulting in a fight between the two sides. Both sides were injured to varying degrees. Now the three people who participated in the fight have been administratively detained by our bureau according to law. '

So far, the client has been very sorry. He said, "because I drank wine, I saw my friend fight with others. I didn't think much of it. I just went up to the tiktok APP. '

Police remind the public

After all, the network is virtual. In real life, we must imitate carefully to avoid touching the legal red line.