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A 94 year old man was killed by a violent goat

Traditional impression of small sheep is very lovely and docile animals. The silent lamb is docile and calm even in the face of danger and death. But recently, a sheep in the village of cesta, in the south of Bordeaux, France, suddenly changed its temperament and became a 'runaway sheep', which became very aggressive.

Mob sheep often attack people. The most famous move is "overhead". Not only pedestrians, but also motorcycles will become targets. Some people tried to drive it away by force, but it made it more angry and launched a more violent collision. And now it's getting worse and worse. It's killing people.

A 94 year old man's body was found in a small road of the village on March 14, according to the French southwest daily. The body of the dead man had multiple wounds. Police speculated that the murderer was a highly aggressive and notorious' runaway sheep 'nearby. The old man should have fallen to the ground on the top of his head by the runaway sheep, and then he was trampled by the sheep's hooves. Local residents said that the runaway sheep will attack when they see people, and there are countless records of complaints, but they can still roam around all the time: a female politician was raided by it before, and then went to the hospital to check and found a fracture!

Police said that after the tragedy, the "runaway sheep" had been rounded up and subdued. I don't know what happened to him. He was so hostile to human beings.