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The young girl fell in love with the 70 year old, and the difference between them was 65 years

It is said that love has no national boundaries and age restrictions, but in reality these will become obstacles to love. But the marriage of the couple will change your opinion. Russia's 86 year old Yegor and his 21-year-old wife Lilia are married, 65 years apart.

Their meeting was predestined. When Lilia took the job exam, Yegor happened to be her interviewer.

When Lilia saw Yegor for the first time, she believed the saying of love at first sight. Yegor also has a good feeling for Lilia, and they firmly believe that this is fate. They registered for marriage soon after they met.

Although Lilia's parents are very opposed to the marriage, Lilia insists on marrying Yegor, otherwise she will never fall in love again in her life, and her parents have no choice but to agree to their wedding.

When Yegor married the bride Lilia, he said excitedly, "you are better than any wife I ever had, and I will accompany you with the last time of my life." Yegor showed that it was a blessing in his last life to marry such a wife, and now he is too excited to sleep at night.