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60000 bees in Indian men bite their faces and say it's going to be great

Bees can sting and even kill people. People usually don't provoke or avoid bees when they see them. But some people love bees like life, let bees climb all over their faces without fear. According to the daily mail, the 21-year-old Indian man's relationship with his bees is beyond description. He risked his life to let 60000 bees crawl on his face and bite, which he said made him feel very comfortable.

Nature, 21, has been in touch with bees since childhood, because his father, sajayakumar, is an award-winning beekeeper and honey manufacturer.

He began to perform special effects with bees when he was five years old, and now he often lets bees fly freely from the hive to his face. Nature said: 'he can even let bees buzz on his head in his daily life, without affecting his reading and walking. He can even dance with these bees. '

Nature said: 'as a child, I couldn't tell bees from flies. So bees are no longer harmful to me like flies. I made contact with them before I knew they could sting me, so I never felt that they were a threat, and that feeling was mutual. '

His father said he fell in love with bees when he was 15, when the family was so poor that he had to steal fruit and honey from a nearby farm to survive. He now has 1500 cases of bees, 60000 in each. He said: 'my son is very experienced. 'nature wants to get a doctorate in agriculture and focus on beekeeping.