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U.S. forces encounter UFO of UFO, March 13 (Xinhua) a newly declassified video reveals an incredible moment after a US Navy pilot encounters a mysterious UFO. The UFO was found moving at a high speed along the east coast of the United States. From the video, we can hear that at the moment of encountering the UFO, the two pilots are at a loss and shout, 'what is that? Oh, my God! The report said the object had no 'wings' and' tail ', a non cruise missile.

According to today's Russian television, the video was released by TTSA (to the stars Academy of Arts and Science), a private scientific research and media organization in the United States, on Friday (August 8) local time. The agency is led by Dr. Hal Puthoff, a NASA and DOD consultant, and James semiman, a former CIA staff member.

It was revealed that this video exposed an undisclosed encounter of the US Navy on the US east coast in 2015. However, the date, location and other information were deleted before the video was released.

The UFO was captured by an infrared camera on the F / A-18 'Bumblebee' fighter plane flying at an altitude of 25000 feet (7620 meters), the report said. TTSA said that because the object has no 'wings' and' tail ', it can be ruled out as a cruise missile.

Pentagon officials admitted in December 2017 that a secret UFO investigation project launched in 2007 at the request of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was closed in 2012. The sighting helped to restart the investigation into UFO sightings.

The latest UFO sighting came from a former U.S. Navy officer, David fravor, who claimed to have met an alien spacecraft, the report said. In December 2017, former US Navy pilot commander David & middot; frauwald, who has 18 years of flight experience, told the Washington Post that he witnessed UFO during a routine training mission along the Pacific coast in November 2004.

According to previous reports, David & middot; frauwald disclosed to the media that he saw a 40 foot high 'wingless object' flying at an amazing speed while conducting routine flight training on the California coast on November 14, 2014. 'I don't know what I see, but it's shocking. A flying object without wings is flying at high speed'.

The report said that for decades, the United States has been investigating UFOs, including the U.S. military. In 1947, the air force began a series of research, investigating more than 12000 UFO sightings, which was officially concluded in 1969, including a research project codenamed "Blue Book Project" that began in 1952. The final conclusion is that most of the sightings are related to stars, clouds, traditional aircraft or spy planes, but 701 of them are still unexplained.