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The most mysterious jade

Top 10: Red Jade Emperor's seal

In December 2016, a royal jade seal from the reign of Emperor Qianlong sold 21 million euros at a French auction. The jade seal is almost completely blood red and engraved with the treasure of Emperor Qianlong.

Top 9: Scottish jade axis

In 2016, the National Museum of Scotland opened an exhibition of ancient jade axes. Archaeologists found one of the jade quarries in monteviso, Italy, dating back to 5200 BC. 1600 jade axes have been restored in Europe. Their ritual and spiritual significance remains unknown. The Neolithic inhabitants of northern Italy regarded the Alps as the home of gods. Perhaps they believe that the rocks quarried from these sacred sites have the power of healing and protection.

Top 8: jade clothes

The jade clothes with golden thread were unearthed from the tomb of King Shanjing in Xiling mountain of Mancheng City, Hebei Province in 1968. They are composed of more than 2000 pieces of jade. The jade pieces are connected together with gold thread. At present, more than 20 pieces of jade clothes with golden thread have been found.

Mysterious jade Top7: Maya shark tooth Sun God

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious emerald mask at the Rio Azul Mayan site in the jungles of northern Guatemala. The mask represents kinich AHAU of the sun god. He describes a large shark tooth, thus revealing the Maya's spirituality, light elves, and hunting practices. Shark tooth is a common finding in Mayan sites. They are used for everyday functions such as weapons, jewelry and bloodletting tools.

Top 6: emerau Island jade

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious jade on Emirau island in Papua New Guinea. Probably 3300, carved by lapitas. Jade tools are not rare in this area. However, this recent discovery is made of one of the hardest jade tools.

Top 5: Jade funeral plate

Since 5000 B.C., jade discs, also known as double discs, have appeared in Chinese tombs. These nephrite sculptures first appeared in the late Neolithic period. Stones are often placed on the chest or stomach of the deceased. Many contain symbols related to the sky. These discs are included in almost all high-level tombs of Hongshan Culture (3800-2700 BC) and Liangzhu Culture (3000-2000 BC). Jade plates predate writing, and their functions may never be fully understood.

Top 4: underwater sacrifice

In 2012, archaeologists discovered a mysterious jade object from Arroyo pesquero, Mexico. Between 900 B.C. and 400 B.C., the jade may have been a sacrifice. It is made from mottled brown and white jadeite with hard texture. The style is abstract, most experts think it is a corn cob, this sacrifice must have some special significance.

Top 3: jade seal of Qin Shihuang

It is said that the jade seal of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty was carved from He Shi Bi, which is the most important jade in history. It was not until 900 AD that the jade seal of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty was lost.

Top 2: the funeral mask of Lord Pakal

In 1952, archaeologists discovered the mosaic burial mask of Lord Pakal when they excavated the funeral cemetery of the inscription temple in Palenque. It was made in the post Mayan classic period around 683 ad. the mask consists of 300 pieces of jadeite, albite, kosmochlor and quartz crystal mosaic. The eyes are made of conch shells and obsidian.

Top 1: the mysterious collection of Liangzhu civilization

Liangzhu civilization in the Neolithic age is known as the ancient jade country. With developed agriculture, exquisite jade, refined pottery technology, written materials of pottery symbols in sentences, and the inequality and social stratification reflected by tombs and large-scale civil engineering projects, the jade square tubes with round holes in Liangzhu civilization are formed. There are single node varieties and longer varieties. Usually, the corner of the square is covered by the facing design, which is considered as the spirit of protection.

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