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Top 10 restaurants in Xi'an

Top 1 - B g51 restaurants and bars

The highest floor French restaurant in Xi'an has an invincible view and night view on the 51st floor. There is a bar on the half floor. There will be a performance after 9 pm. It's best to come here on the anniversary of a couple's date. It's suggested to order two appetizers and two entrees.

[Special] the dessert is yogurt, with three kinds of jam, and strong promotion of paella, which is super flavored.

[per capita] 491

[recommended] paella, fried goose liver, smoked salmon and sesame

[address] No.1, middle section of Zhuque Street (Crowne Plaza)

Top 2 - City mood creative cuisine (Gaoxin Road store)

This is a compound restaurant, Mediterranean style, the overall white sofa, take the initiative to recommend dishes, service is much more enthusiastic than the bell tower shop.

[Special] there are Japanese cuisine and steak, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and even gourd chicken.

[per capita] 80

[recommended] three cups of chicken, honey, crab roe, tofu and fish in saliva

[address] second floor, Shangzhong building, northeast corner of cross between Gaoxin road and Kechuang Road (opposite to No.1 high tech middle school)

Top 3 - Wang pintai plastic steak (Times Square)

Wang pin's gimmick is a cow for only six guests, only between the sixth and eighth ribs, fully cooked. Black is the main color, revealing the quality, and gold is the color matching.

It is recommended that the steak of Formosa Plastics is really super large. It is absolutely enough to choose a set meal. The only problem is that the distance between each table is too close and there is no privacy. It's recommended to avoid the rush hour, otherwise the service may not be able to keep up.

[per capita] 362

[recommended] Formosa plastic steak, French fried foie gras salad, peach liqueur, rose fragrance dew

[address] 3rd floor, century Jinhua, South Gate

TOP4-Lady 7 cafe

In the Tang Ruins Park, the only water area is next to it. European style, glass wall, whether sitting outside or inside, the scenery is very good. Inside are girls like: open roof, white decorative tea mirror, pink European sofa.

[feature] houdos has a beautiful shape. Every piece of bread is buttered and baked separately

[per capita] 65

[recommended] blueberry kalifeng, honey toast, signature fruit tea, rose berry garden

[address] glass house, block B, Tang City Wall Ruins Park, Yannan 2nd Road (Qujiang Yintai)

Top 5 - Jane's garden

It's a great environment, with a small cinema, coffee area, dinner area and terrace garden. Although the orientation of the small garden is not good, all kinds of green plants are lush. The simple and warm style of the whole American countryside, even the bathroom has a large mirror.

[Special] fruit wood steak is a brand-name product. The meat is soft, tender, juicy and chewy. Other kinds of meals are also good. It's an excellent restaurant for the party.

[per capita] 116 (group purchase, double meal, afternoon tea)

[recommended] fruit wood steak, French cream mushroom soup, French cheesecake, crispy mushroom soup

[address] the sightseeing elevator on the 8th floor of Fengrun international, northwest corner of Taibai Road interchange

Top 6-57 degree Hunan

57 degree Xiang is a delicacy restaurant made of Hunan cuisine and Teppanyaki. There are two shops in Xi'an. The chef stands in the middle and cooks for everyone. He can communicate with the chef directly and cook according to his own taste.

[Special] the dishes are mainly meat, but less vegetables; the overall portion is exquisite, so flame glass slice is recommended.

[per capita] 89 (with group purchase deposit)

[recommended] flame glass slice, garlic flavored river shrimp, Causeway roast, steamed egg with flying fish seeds

[address] 3rd floor, Wanda Plaza, Daming Palace

Top 7 - Hanyang Pavilion (yongyang Park store)

The first floor is a caf é. You have to enter the caf é before you can go to the restaurant. The environment and decoration of the caf é are very simple, giving you a quiet feeling. When you eat here, you can't help but lower your voice. When you enter the private room, you need to take off your shoes, and the wooden floor is very warm.

[Special] there are many side dishes and soups. The roasted meat has obvious aroma of carbon.

The service was considerate. There were still games to play after eating.

[per capita] 118 (with group purchase deposit)

[recommended] hanyangguan carbon roast beef, fish seed salad, carbon roast beef tenderloin, wooden fish cake

[address] yongyang Park, intersection of Tangyan road and Zhangba Road, high tech Zone

Top 8 - fog

Sitting on the 25th floor of the south 2nd Ring Road, the scenery is excellent whether you go to it in the daytime or at night.

Court retro decoration style, coupled with all kinds of small points, girlfriends and lovers parties are suitable.

[features] there are coffee, alcoholic drinks and desserts; the boss is a nice guy with warm and considerate service.

[per capita] 44 (group meal for two)

[recommended] midsummer Mary, vanilla ice cream, muffin, lemon slice, cheesecake

[address] 2505, building 5, Chang'an No.3, Chang'an South Road (Chang'an Interchange)

Top9 - the sea in the sky

Next to DEX, the side elevator goes up to the 25th floor. There are outdoor patio barbecues. There are also private rooms. Every private room has a theme. Lovers can try the private room full of roses.

[Special] Sichuan and Shaanxi, the signature fish hotpot is good, the fish fillets are very thin, and the fish meat is delicious. The taste is a mixture of sauerkraut fish and pickled pepper fish. Tea in the afternoon and barbecue in the evening.

[per capita] 46 (with group purchase deposit)

[recommended] Chongqing tiaofu, boss Zhu's ribs, beef tripe with sesame sauce, and gege meat

[address] No.168 West Yanta Road (Provincial Cancer Hospital)

Top 10 - Songhe delicacy

The environment is very good, right. It's exquisite cuisine. You can choose self-service or single order. The main way of self-service is single order system, which is all ready-made, so it takes a while for each dish to come up after ordering. It is suggested that you can order more at a time.

[feature] sashimi is very fresh (group buying self-service needs to be reserved 4 hours in advance)

[per capita] 46 (group buying buffet for two and four)

[recommended] salmon sashimi, beef, roast cod, roast eel

[address] 3rd floor, east of 8 South Street (near KFC)

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