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Ten romantic places in Pengcheng

Such a young Shenzhen attracts you and me from all over the world.

Although not as grand as Beijing and Shanghai, and not as poetic as Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xiamen, Shenzhen should be the most suitable place for young people to have a little romance. From an encounter in each other's civic center to the narrow and graceful planning through the city, people can feel the vitality, comfort and romance of Shenzhen.

Someone said: "I live in Shenzhen, I like to see her economic development, smell her elegant books, visit her diverse attractions." Indeed, if you want to feel the young and energetic romance in real life, Shenzhen will be your only choice!

Let's go. We don't have to wait until we can see through the scenery. We don't need to ask who can accompany us to see the long flow of water. Let's take stock of the top ten romantic places in Shenzhen that you may know or haven't yet arrived. In this bright young city, we can start a journey of romance

1、 Sea world

Address: Sea World Station of subway Shekou line

How to be romantic and international?

Then, go to the sea world of new Shekou!

As the "international coastal new town" of new Shekou, do you know? The total construction area of the sea world reaches 1 million square meters. Professionally speaking, it is a large-scale urban complex integrating business office, leisure and entertainment, catering and shopping, hotel vacation, residence, culture and art.

And the romance of the sea world, I'm afraid you and I can't "don't call her.". She seems to be a "corner" in Shenzhen, but she is so charming. Just like its positioning of "international, leisure, exotic and fashion", the sea world makes people feel comfortable and leisurely, and the exotic architectural style seems to have entered a European town. Shekou Sea World contains too many elements, in addition to the left and right are very emotional restaurant, "bar culture" can be called a long history, it is reported that here is also known as "the birthplace of Shenzhen bar culture", produced drinks and food have their own characteristics, it is very suitable for young couples to have a good time and have a romantic life here. At the end of the world square on the sea, the iconic large luxury cruise ship Minghua is close at hand. As the origin of Shekou's maritime world and the first maritime tourism center in China, Minghua ferry has become a symbol of Shekou and even Shenzhen. The most romantic thing in the sea world, of course, is the large-scale multimedia water show on the sea in the center of the sea world waterscape square. It is reported that this is also the largest open-ended music water show in Shenzhen. Xiaobian learned from the scene that the magnificent large-scale water show will be staged on time from 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, and 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Of course, in other aspects of leisure and entertainment, Zone C of maritime world has already introduced Pinxiu KTV, so MACBA lovers must not miss it. Others, such as the "first encounter" of shop 101 in area C, is a cultural bar with traditional Chinese style as the theme, which is very distinctive from the theme to decoration. And if both of you are young people of contemporary literature and art, maybe cat dung coffee and uneei, which retails some gadgets, will be a good choice.

The world on the sea is such a good place that we have to go to see it on the spot to find that it is much more romantic than its name

2、 Rose coast

Address: Shangdong village, Xiyong community, Kwai Chung Town, east coast of Shenzhen

The name of rose coast is already very beautiful, and the natural scenery is certainly not so bad.

Maybe you haven't heard much about it - Rose coast is located on the Bank of Shenzhen Dapeng Bay, With the best quality beach in Shenzhen, it's romantic because it has the vast sea, the beautiful mountain scenery of Hong Kong, the soft beach and the clean and clear sea water. At the same time, it's also the largest and best outdoor wedding photography base in Shenzhen.

Just think, a pair of lovers face the sea, the wind is light and the clouds are light. The original forest of rose coast, the Langqiao dream, the Acacia forest, the rainbow sunrise, the concentric lock, the end of love and the corner of the sea constitute a charming and beautiful romantic poem.

Many people who have been to rose coast say this: compared with big and small Meisha, I love rose coast. The most important thing is that the environment there is good, the sea is clear, and there are many people who choose to take wedding photos there. They feel romantic and happy

Yes, perhaps the feelings will always fade, the years can not escape the vicissitudes, so, they long for the rose coast that ray of sunshine, can warm you and me moist heart again. Xiaobian once went to the rose coast. The water quality is really good and the scenery is charming. Of course, as a wedding photography base, it's best to find a good day, so that you can see many people taking all kinds of beautiful wedding photos.

Warm tips: the rose coast is far away from the urban area of Shenzhen, so it is suitable for hiking. There is no noise of the city, and there are not many people in Meisha, so it is very suitable for weekend. But the traffic is still a little inconvenient.

3、 Mangrove

Address: Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Why mangroves?

Because it is the smallest National Nature Reserve in China, it is a marine woody plant community mainly composed of mangrove plants. It is named because the trunk is light red.

Shenzhen mangrove is located in Shenzhen Bay, which is the smallest National Nature Reserve in China. When is she the most romantic? Xiao Bian tells you that autumn is the best time to go to mangrove in Shenzhen. In autumn, the vegetation is dense, and it is the best time for migratory birds to stop or spend the winter here; in other seasons, the scenery may be slightly inferior.

Basically, people who control mangroves will feel great love for them. In the reserve, there are rare tree species such as sea lacquer, Bruguiera, Kandelia, and so on. It is also a green corridor in the urban area of Shenzhen, backed by the beautiful and broad coastal road, and connected with the coastal ecological park, facing the rippling Shenzhen Bay.

Riding or jogging along the mangroves is a good little romance. Grass, green trees, blue sky, white clouds, sea breeze, sunset, maybe you can take a walk along the coastline, which is very comfortable!

It is also called "pocket type nature reserve" by foreign ecological experts. Every year, 189 species of white spoonbill, black Headed Gull, little green shank and more than 100000 migratory birds migrate to the south to rest or winter. The reserve is flat and open, with swamps, shallow water, trees and other natural landscapes. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of sunset flying with thousands of birds and still water.

The well-known mangrove forest in Shenzhen is not only a paradise for birds to inhabit and play, a kingdom of plants, but also a good place for people to go for outings, watch birds, watch the sea and experience natural customs. You may as well recommend it to the young lovers around you. At the weekend, go to the seaside ecological park to see the mangroves along the coast and the spectacular scene of tens of thousands of waterfowls.

4、 OCT East

Address: Dameisha, Shenzhen, China

Where can I find a romantic and unforgettable place in Shenzhen? Let's go to the overseas Chinese town in the East. It is known as "romantic little Switzerland in the East". It not only has the style of a small European town, but also retains our Oriental beauty.

Located in Dameisha, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, OCT East is the first large-scale comprehensive national eco-tourism demonstration area integrating leisure, tourism, outdoor sports, science education, ecological exploration and other themes. How big is OCT in the east? It covers an area of nearly 9 square kilometers and integrates two theme parks, three tourist towns, four resort hotels, two 36 hole mountain earth fields, dahuaxing temple and Tianlu real estate.

If you want to be romantic, you can go to the shooting place of idol drama - chaxigu Resort Park. Tea Valley presents a green world, a world of flowers, a world of Chinese and Western cultures, and a world of leisure and vacation, reflecting the leisure and vacation tourism culture. You can also go to interlagen town. You can pick up the architecture of interlagen in the foothills of the Swiss Alps in Europe, or you can choose haifeld Town, which is an American town with wine culture as the theme. You can go to Chaweng town when you are tired. It is a tea culture appreciation area and central service area, as well as a quiet and elegant tourist rest area.

As busy urban couples, it's better to slow down the pace of life when they stop each other occasionally, and go to some places far away from the city to feel the body's rest, heart's leisure and love's romance. Overseas Chinese town in the East has also meticulously built a number of cultural performance projects such as "Tianchan", "Tianji", "Tianyin", "Tianlai". Every spring, summer, autumn and winter, it will also launch theme activities such as "mountain tea picking Festival", "mountain sea singing Festival", "International Tea Festival" and "mountain blessing Festival", which will bring infinite splendor to tourists.

Of course, if you want to have an exciting and unforgettable love trip, try the Daxia valley ecological park in the eastern OCT, which takes "man and nature" as the theme, integrates mountain country park and urban theme park, and realizes the innovative combination of natural landscape, ecological concept and entertainment experience, and popular science education, mainly including water park, fjord forest, haifeide Town, and so on In the five theme areas of ecological Canyon and cloud highland, the natural fantasy theme park brings visitors different happy experiences.

Whether it's the blue ocean, the winding mountains, the fantastic valleys, the dense bamboo forests, the warm theme blocks, or the 19th century town style, OCT in the East seems to let us "cross the region" to another country and experience the exotic romantic style

5、 Dapeng Peninsula

Address: Southeast Coast, Longgang District, Shenzhen

When you come to Shenzhen, you can't miss Dapeng Peninsula, the "Peach Blossom Land" in Shenzhen. Maybe it hasn't become an international seaside resort yet, but with golden beaches and blue sea, it's a beach resort more suitable than Meisha and Xiaomeisha.

Dapeng Peninsula is located in the southeast coast of Shenzhen City, between Dapeng Bay and Daya Bay, which mainly refers to Dapeng, Kwai Chung and Nan'ao. It is the "Golden Coast" of Shenzhen. The forest coverage rate is 76%, and there are many peaks such as qiniangshan, paiyashan, hengtouling, etc.

In addition, the Dapeng Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with many strange peaks and rocks. Along the coast, there are more than ten beaches, large and small, such as Jinshawan, Xichong, Dongchong, judiaosha, etc. these beaches are soft, medium and fine sand, and the water depth in the Bay is large, which makes the beaches of Dapeng Peninsula can surf and windsurfing, serving more and more tourists who love and even try new sports.

The romance of Mirs belongs to the romance of summer.

There are seven villages in Dapeng, and jiaochangwei is the only one with coastline. If you have been to the beach, you will find that it is narrower and longer than the beach at the end of the field. The beach will be divided into several layers. Near the sea, the sand is very thick and firm, and the sand on the top is very fine and soft.

As soon as summer arrives, bring the other half to Dapeng Peninsula, where you can enjoy the cool scenery, which is very suitable for summer. At the same time, a group of young people who love sea sports gather here