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Top ten beauty parks in Changsha

1、 Juzhou Park

Juzizhou is the name card of Changsha, and it is a picture showing the customs. With Yuelu Mountain as its neighbor and Xiangjiang River as its companion, it has formed a unique landscape of "green mountains on one side and city on the other". She looks at the lush Yuelu Mountain in the west, adjacent to Yuelu Academy, aiwan Pavilion and Yuelu Mountain University Town under construction, and overlooks the Xiangjiang River scenery belt in the East, enjoying the prosperity of the city. From west to East, mountains, waters, continents and cities are integrated, like flowing paintings or enlarged bonsai. Tourists climb the island, listen to the fishing boats sing late, watch the red maple on the foothills, watch the pavilion of heaven's heart flying, enjoy the orange trees and chant the poems of the sages.

[interactive tips] you can ride a bicycle, take a small train, view the scenery on foot, bask in the sun, swim in summer and play in the sand.

[travel line] parking charges. You can take the bus to Wuyi Square and walk there, or take the bus to Rongwan town in Hexi and walk there. 2、 Yuelu Mountain

The natural oxygen bar in Changsha, Yuelu Mountain scenic area is a national key scenic area, is one of the 72 peaks of Hengshan Mountain. Located on both sides of Xiangjiang River in Changsha, it is composed of hills and low mountains, rivers, lakes, natural animals and plants, cultural relics, modern celebrity tombs, revolutionary memorial sites, etc. it is a mountain type scenic spot in the city. Among them, Lushan scenic area is the core scenic area, including Yuelu Academy, aiwan Pavilion, Lushan temple, Yunlu palace, new democratic society scenic spots, etc. Hand in hand to feel the strong humanistic atmosphere and beautiful natural scenery, let people linger.

[interactive tips] it is strongly recommended to hike up the mountain from the path of Hunan Normal University. It is quiet and quiet with few people. It is more fun to climb the mountain. You can camp and have a picnic at the top of the mountain.

[travel route] for self driving, it is recommended to park at Normal University; for bus, you can take Peng Lishan special line from the railway station, get off at the fourth hospital station of Rongwan Town, or at normal university or Hunan University.

3、 Meixi Lake Park

It is a 367 Mu riverway Park, which is connected with Longwang Lake Park and meiwang Lake Park. Fresh air, elegant environment, very quiet. Every night at 8 o'clock sharp, there will be a music fountain in Meixi lake.

[interactive tips] it is most suitable for a family to camp, ride, walk, walk, play sand, watch the night scenery and enjoy the fountain.

[travel route] self driving is the most convenient way to get there, parking is very convenient, and you can park everywhere. Take bus W201 to meixihu road bus station, and the west line of Metro Line 2 will extend to meixihu in 2016. 4、 Yanghu Wetland Park

Lake Wetland Park, located in Changsha City, Hunan Province, north of Yanghu Avenue, west of the east line of South Xiaoxiang Avenue, South and east of Jinjiang River, covers a total area of 5.2 square kilometers. The largest wetland park in Changsha City. Among them, the overall greening rate of wetland complex is more than 40%, with more than 700 species of plants and more than 130 species of birds.

[interactive tips] play with toys (an amusement park of * *), bike riding, barbecue, camping, walking and leisure. In spring, families with silkworm babies can come to pick mulberry leaves.

[travel route] self driving is the most convenient way to get there. Parking is very convenient. You can park everywhere. There is no bus route for the time being. 5、 Yuehu Park

Yuehu park is a high standard, open and landmark new urban landscape park, which takes the aura of mountains and waters and takes the fengshui of the gateway. The overall planning of Yuehu park takes "water" as the core, focuses on the concept of "new", "culture" and "ecology", and closely links the theme of the regional city, highlights ecological leisure and promotes Huxiang culture, Highlight the spirit of the times. It is not only a mountain for people to enjoy themselves, but also a park for people to enjoy themselves.

[interactive tips] take a walk, ride a bicycle, take a boat, enjoy the beautiful scenery and hold activities.

[travel route] there are 15 bus routes of 122, 132 and 136 passing through Yuehu park bus station. 6、 Martyrs Park

Martyrs Park is located on the Bank of Liuyang River in the northeast of Changsha City, Hunan Province, with a total area of 153.3 hectares. The park consists of two parts: Memorial area and sightseeing area. Martyrs Park is the largest park in Changsha City, which is a comprehensive park for commemoration, sightseeing and entertainment. On September 15, the martyr tower will light up again, and the martyr park phase II upgrading and reconstruction project includes ten major projects, including widening the road around Nianjia lake and adding a new leisure rain shelter Pavilion, brightening the night landscape of the park, new construction and maintenance of the park toilet, reconstruction of the memorial area, construction of the trestle Road near Yuejin lake, renewal of the park infrastructure, and improvement of the overall green landscape.

[interactive tips] you can take a walk, take a boat, play all kinds of amusement equipment, and remember the martyrs. 7、 Hunan Forest Botanical Garden

The park covers an area of 120 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of 90%. At present, more than 4000 species of 3200 species belonging to 900 genera of 208 families have been introduced, domesticated and ex situ preserved in the garden, and 112 species of wild animals have been collected, treated and domesticated, including Cathaya argyrophylla, Davidia involucrata, Tragopan Tragopan and other first-class national protected plants and animals. There are now 10 special plant gardens in the park, including cherry blossom garden, magnolia garden, shade plant rare plant garden, Rhododendron Garden, bamboo garden, tea garden, osmanthus garden and colorful leaf plant garden, and special plant gardens such as medicinal plant garden and world famous flower and tree garden are under preparation.

[ticket information] the full price is 60 yuan, and the student price is 30 yuan

[travel route] take bus No. 152, 7, 102, 107, 103, 123, 134, 147, 502, 703, 801, 802 to the botanical garden station, and then walk about 500 meters.

8、 Changsha Liuyanghe wedding culture park

In addition to providing wedding banquet for new couples, Liuyanghe wedding culture park also adds other business formats: the planned 7000 square meter commercial street in the park integrates wedding dress customization, Changsha characteristic Qingba, creative brand retail and other business formats; Bona International Film Co., Ltd. has settled in the park to build a large cinema with a business area of about 6000 square meters and ten projection halls including double giant screen hall, lovers hall and children's hall, which will create the most shocking audio-visual enjoyment for the public. The banquet hall of Little Swan International residence in the Park has a total planning area of 10000 square meters, which is the largest banquet place in central and southern China. In the park, there are also public activity square, water fountain square, etc. for tourists and citizens' leisure activities.

Delicacy is delicacy the first mock exam of pedestrian street and department store in traditional city center. There are four themes in the scenic area: "wedding culture industry park", "fashion entertainment block", "food and beverage culture block" and "paternity experience creative paradise".

[travel route] the project is located at No. 300, Section 2, Liuyanghe Avenue, Furong district, Changsha City. Take bus No. 143, 405 and 131 to get off at the bus stop near the east of Hehua Road, and another subway line 2 passes by. 9、 Heimifeng Forest Park

Heimi peak is also known as Dongyang mountain. Located in Wangcheng County. It is about 30 kilometers from Changsha in the north. The main peak is 590.5 meters above sea level. In history, Shijia listed it as one of the four famous mountains in Changsha, while Taoism listed it as the thirty-six caves. The mountains are covered with clouds and four drops of green light. Since the Tang Dynasty, the famous Buddhist preachers have been preaching here, so they are famous far and near.

Heimifeng Forest Park is rich in vegetation, with a forest coverage rate of 83%. It was named after "Milu full slope". Now 71 species of wild animals have been found, including 34 species listed as provincial and national level. The park has a unique topography, mountains are curved and extended, natural landscapes and scenic spots are more and more concentrated, and 152 natural caves, pictographic rocks and natural scenic spots have been found, with high mountains and dense forests, forming a forest microclimate of "no intense heat in summer and no severe cold in winter". The annual average temperature is 14 ℃ and the summer average temperature is 28 ℃. It is a good place to build water park and summer resort.

[interactive tips] it is a popular science education base for young people in Hunan Province. It is an excellent place to enjoy green and return to nature. The park is known as the "natural oxygen bar".

[travel route] self drive along Furong North Road in Changsha City, connect with Changxiang highway, drive to Xiangyin for half an hour, enter Qiaoyi Town, Wangcheng District, and then turn right into the rural cement road (with signs) to Heimifeng forest park. The park can be reached within one hour from Changsha, and the cement road in the park can reach the top of the mountain. The park is 25 kilometers away from Wangcheng city and is connected by cement road.

10、 West Lake Park

Changsha West Lake Cultural Park (also known as West Lake Cultural Park, West Lake Park) is located in the central hinterland of Hexi City, Changsha City. It is a three-level scenic spot of Yuelu Mountain. Changsha West Lake Cultural Park is connected with Yuelu Mountain and water in the south, longwanggang scenery belt in the West and North, Xiangjiang waterfront in the East, Wangling Park in the northeast and Shijialing Park in the southwest. It is adjacent to Fenglin Road in the south, longwangdi in the northwest and Binhu road in the East. The plot is fan-shaped with a total planning area of 130 hectares.

[interactive tips] a comprehensive urban park integrating business, tourism and vacation. The whole cultural system takes the lake as the center to form Yuelu culture exhibition area, cruise culture exhibition area, water town customs culture, West Lake world, academy culture, Hunan and Chu heritage, historical celebrity exhibition, cultural square and cultural landscape belt around the lake. Each cultural node forms a complete cultural landscape system of the Park through the central lake and pedestrian system.

[travel route] take No.12 from the railway station and No.6 from Dongtang on Fenglin No.1 road in Hexi.

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