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Top 10 Christmas Carnival cities announce the hottest in Paris and the most cost-effective in Prague

According to the list, the top 10 Christmas Carnival cities in 2016 are: Paris, New York, Prague, Vienna, Cologne, Copenhagen, Toronto, Brussels, Nuremberg and Strasbourg.

Ranked first is Paris, France, with the highest popularity. The famous Champs Elysees street is absolutely the best Christmas market. Paris is also the best destination for fashion travel, shopping and food has always been the highlight of attracting tourists. In addition, Paris has the highest popularity, which is inseparable from the Paris government's attention to Chinese tourists. To attract more Chinese tourists, they have arranged services such as advisory services, WIFI and renting, and launched the official WeChat official account of China's Tourism Bureau. However, the per capita expenditure in Paris is relatively high, reaching 20000 yuan.

If you think it's expensive to go to Paris for Christmas, you can choose Strasbourg, the 10th largest city in France. Strasbourg is the capital of the European Parliament, where French and German cultures meet. It has a large number of exquisite buildings since the middle ages. Strasbourg Christmas market can be traced back to the 16th century, with a history of 445 years. It is one of the oldest and most famous Christmas markets in the world. Strasbourg is also known as the "Christmas City". It's only half the cost of Paris to come here. It's definitely worth the money.

In our opinion, Prague, ranked third, has the highest cost performance ratio. "Love in Prague" is enough to make you full of endless romantic vision of Prague. Its heat coefficient is high, the cost ranks in the middle, but the scenery is unique. It is the most famous tourist city in the world, and also the first city in the world designated as a world cultural heritage. It has buildings of various historical periods and styles, and the colors are extremely gorgeous. The Christmas fair in Prague's old city has also been rated as one of the most beautiful Christmas fairs in the world by USA today.

Copenhagen, which ranked sixth, spent the most, Strasbourg, France, which ranked tenth, spent the least, while the rest of the cities which spent less were Cologne, Brussels and Nuremberg, with prices ranging from 11000 to 13000 yuan.

The exotic atmosphere of Christmas and the welcoming atmosphere of new year's Day stimulate tourists' desire to travel. Especially for young couples and lovers, they mostly choose to go on holiday, and the direction of their travel is focused on outbound travel. It is reported that the popularity of tourism products in winter this year is obviously higher than that in previous years, and the peak price is about 70% higher than usual. If you have a travel plan, you should book your trip as soon as possible.

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